Octaviano Rangel

Exhibition Statement

This exhibition of recent work by Dallas and Monterrey-based artist, Octaviano Rangel is inspired by Franz Kakfa’s Metamorphosis. On view throughout the third floor of Hamon are a series of cut paper, graphite, and ink collages, as well as a graphite drawing created directly on the library wall. Rangel depicts fragmented human figures that evoke a rhythmic dislocation of the human form. Disembodied hands emerge from tangles of intricate lines and human forms take shape within layers of paper, creating a tension between figuration and abstraction. The exhibition takes as its title, the haunting line from Metamorphosis, “Was he a beast if the music could move him so?” when Gregor Samsa is deeply moved whilst listening to his sister play the violin. It is therefore fitting that Rangel is presenting this series of work amidst the music stacks of Hamon.