Clear, Deep, Dark

Exhibition Statement


On View January 26th - March 11th, 2018

Julie Morel’s Clear, Deep, Dark series slowly unfolds and reveals itself as the viewer draws closer to each piece, bridging the physical and theoretical distance between the artwork and viewer. Clear, Deep, Dark builds upon Morel’s earlier conductive ink drawings, incorporating new terms related to the Darkent – an overlay network that gives users access to the hidden side of the internet. Morel’s work examines the transformation of objects and their versions – how objects’ physical forms transmute into intangible ones in the digital sphere, only to be seen and not touched. Morel’s concept of versions is prescient as we see the shift of objects moving onto online platforms as well as our own lives, preferring digital interfaces to human ones. As Morel simultaneously displays artwork in the Hawn Gallery and digitally hides corresponding pieces online and in private spaces, she reveals what is lost through an object’s new version. The conductive drawings and prints also have the potential to show what is gained from objects’ new iterations and what they can teach us about our own lives that are lived out behind screens.