Michael Corris: Incidents on a Page: Dallas-Venice Dreamscapes: 1976-2020

Online Exhibition: Michael Corris- Incidents on a Page: Dallas-Venice Dreamscapes 1976-2020

Spring 2020 - Ongoing

Incidents on a Page: Dallas-Venice Dreamscapes: 1976-2020 is an exhibition of new work in the form of excerpts of selected texts and images by the artist and his colleagues. Because of the national emergency sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, these works will now be available to view online in mid-April.


The exhibition links two themes that define my standpoint as an artist and writer in dialogue with the institutions of art: the impact on artists of the global art network, and the future of self-managed, sustainable support structures by and for artists and their public.


These themes are made vivid through a group of projects that reference the Venice Biennale, and analyze the conditions facing artists living and working in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex.


This body of work is presented in the form of printed matter; specifically, typographic sample sheets or digital proofs for printing. All these formats refer directly to my long-standing use of typography, graphic design, and commercial printing processes as expressive tools worthy of artistic reinvention.


An interventionist intent coupled with a strident polemical tone reverberates throughout these works. The result is a kaleidoscopic landscape where the values of the most vibrant cultural spaces of the DFW Metroplex jostle against Dallas’ relentless high gloss vision of the city as a global cultural destination.


In the aftermath of our current emergency I share the hope, voiced by many, for a period of reflection and change encompassing every aspect of the cultural, social, and political life of our city. As we face the challenge of an uncertain, collective future, let Incidents on a Page: Dallas-Venice Dreamscapes: 1976-2020 stand as a reckoning of a world that we may have already left behind.


Exhibition curated by Allison Klion, Hawn Gallery Project Manager