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Library Workshops

GIS@SMU offers a series of introductory GIS workshops throughout the academic year to offer students and researchers a chance to learn basic GIS skills for use in their own work.

Online Tutorials

Learn ArcGIS - Series of online tutorials provided by Esri.

SMU Courses

Classes at SMU teaching GIS, Spatial Technologies, Remote Sensing or some GIS component as part of the course.

Course Name

Course Information

CEE 7324: GIS & Mapping

Introduces modern GIS software and tools, including map design, geodatabases, geospatial and attribute data, geocoding, and simple spatial analysis. Students use research-based projects to exploreGISas a tool for innovative spatial thinking and as a catalyst for sustainable strategies.

Professor: Jessie Zarazaga

Semester: Annually in Spring

Level: Upper-Level Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Prerequisites: None

GEOL 5356: Principles and Application of Remote Sensing

Covers the principals of remote sensing, remote sensing collection systems, basic remote sensing image analysis and processing techniques, and the applications of remote sensing to geologic studies.

Professor: Lu

Semester: Spring 2022

Level: Upper-Level Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Prerequisites: PHYS 1304 and MATH 1338, or permission of instructor

GEOL 3359: Computer Methods in Earth Sciences

Solutions to geological, geochemical, and geophysical problems unique to Earth sciences using computer methods. Focuses on computer application to geologic mapping, modeling, and data analysis.

Professor: DeShon

Semester: Fall 2021; on rotation every other Fall

Level: Undergraduates

Prerequisites: Some science background required and permission of instructor

HIST 4340: Big History Text Mining: Seminar in Digital History

This course is an introduction to the cutting-edge methodologies of textual analysis that are transforming the humanities today. It concentrates on text-mining the Hansard Debates, one of the most complete sets of records of the history of Liberalism, Capitalism, and British Empire during the nineteenth century.

Professor: Jo Guldi

Semester: Fall 2017

Level:Upper-Level Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Prerequisites: Upper-level humanities courses or the ability to code


GIS Lab: TA Hours

Daily Individual GIS tutoring and support

Walk-in hours in the GIS Lab, Fondren Red 106 or on Zoom. 

Monday 12 - 2 pm
Tuesday 4 - 6 pm
Wednesday 11 - 1 pm on Zoom
Thursday 2 - 4 pm
Friday 12 - 2 pm on Zoom

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