Borrowing Policies for Current and Retired Staff

Books & Scores

Loan Period 120 days
Maximum Number 250
Renewals 2 renewals or 360 days
Items that have a hold are not renewable.

3 hours in-library use, 24 hours, or 3 days; no renewals

Overdue Fines

Books and Scores: $.50/day
Reserves and Limited Access: $1.00/hour
Interlibrary Loan materials, and recalls: $1.00/day


A hold may be requested if an item is needed by another borrower. The loan period will be reduced and a notice sent to the original borrower requiring that the item be returned by the new due date. Fees will accrue past the new due date at the rate listed above.

Bound Periodicals

Loan Period

7 days, no renewals

Overdue Fines $.50/day

Audiovisual / Media

Loan Period 1 week
Maximum Number

3 items

Renewals 1 renewal

3 hours in-library use only, only one item at a time; no renewals

Limited Access Materials

4 hours, in-library use; no renewals

Overdue Fines

Regular: $5.00/day
Reserves: $1.00/hour



iPads, Chromebooks, Chromebook Chargers, Elitebooks, Elitebook Chargers

4 Week Check Outs
4 Renewals

Mac Chargers, Phone Chargers, Mac Adapters, Calculators, HDMI Cable, Projectors

4 Hour Check Outs
$1/hour overdue fine

Lost Items

If library materials are not returned, the following lost item charges will apply:

Books, Scores, and Periodicals


  • $15 maximum overdue fines
  • $75 lost replacement


  • $30 maximum overdue fines
  • $75 lost replacement
Media Limited Access


  • $30 maximum overdue fines
  • $195 lost replacement

Circulation Blocks

A suspension of library circulation privileges will occur, if any of these situations apply to your account:

  • 1 overdue recall
  • $1,000 or more in fines/fees
  • Expired, lost, or stolen SMU ID card

Report your lost or stolen SMU ID Cards to the library and the Parking & ID Card Services.