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Service Philosophy

  • We treat all people with courtesy and respect.
  • We take personal responsibility for providing the best possible service at all times.
  • We identify and address needs proactively and positively.
  • We listen to our users and respond to suggestions and concerns with fairness and flexibility.
  • We maintain the privacy of our library users without judgment or bias.

Public Service Policies


Fondren Library is committed to providing resources for students with disabilities and creating open dialogue in order to better serve all users. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact libraryaccess@smu.edu.

Animals in the Library

Service animals are welcome in the library.

Building Access

Access is limited to current SMU students, faculty, and staff. You must bring your SMU ID for entrance to the building.

Cell Phone and Video Chat Calls

Please be considerate of others. Library staff may ask callers to move to a less disruptive area.


Fondren Library expects all visitors, both SMU affiliates and guests, to act responsibly and respectfully and follow Patron Expectations When Using the Libraries. This includes:

  • adhering to University Policy 13.10 which prohibits “unauthorized canvassing, peddling, and/or solicitation.”
  • avoiding interfering with, threatening or harassing library staff or other library users, including engaging patrons in unwelcome conversations about religion, politics, or other issues.

Donate Materials

We regret that Fondren Library is unable to accept gifts of library materials at this time.

Events at Fondren Library

In-person events and tabling have been discontinued due to the pandemic. For inquiries regarding other options, contact Elizabeth Killingsworth, Associate Dean of SMU Libraries and Director of Fondren Library.

Texana Room
  • For inquiries about booking this space, contact Elizabeth Killingsworth, Associate Dean of SMU Libraries and Director of Fondren Library.

Face Coverings

Per SMU requirements, everyone who enters the building is required to wear a face mask.

Filming and Photography in Fondren Library

Filming and photography in Fondren Library must be approved by the Director of Fondren Library. Submit a Film Request Form to the Fondren Library Main Desk for approval at least 5 business days prior to the filming date.

Filming and Photography:

  • may be performed only in approved areas.
  • must not disturb library users or staff members, or interfere with normal library operations.

Food and Drink

Because face masks are required at all times while in the building, food is not allowed. Drinks are allowed, but masks are required when not actively drinking. Please dispose of your trash and report large spills to library staff. You are responsible for any damage to library equipment.

Fund Raising

Student fund raising activities are not allowed in the library. For Southern Methodist University fund raising policies and procedures, please visit the University Policies Manual Section 6.4.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is located at the Main Desk in the lobby of Fondren Library. Valuables are held for 7 days and then taken to the SMU Police Department campus lost and found. SMU ID Cards are taken to Parking and ID Card Services in Hughes-Trigg Student Center. All other items are held for 30 days and then donated or discarded.


Posting on Bulletin Boards

Fondren Library staff reserve the right to remove postings at their discretion. Items posted anywhere other than designated bulletin boards (e.g. walls or doors) will be removed.


Privacy and Confidentiality

Fondren Library actively protects the privacy and confidentiality of library patrons and their use of resources and services. Library patrons are entitled to view and update their information. Some information is provided by other campus offices (e.g. Registrar's Office or Human Resources), so may need to be updated elsewhere if it is not correct.

Fondren Library will not share data with others unless required by law. We conduct regular privacy audits in order to ensure that all library programs and services are enforcing our privacy policy. Questions, concerns, or complaints about the library's handling of personal information should be directed to the Director of Fondren Library. See the University Information Security policy for more information.

Quiet Study Areas in Fondren Library

The Library has designated Quiet Study and Group Study areas. Signage indicating the designation is posted on each floor. Please notify a library staff member if someone is being disruptive.

Quiet Study
  • Speak quietly and only when necessary. Keep conversations brief.
  • No cell phone use.
Group Study
  • Quiet discussion encouraged.
  • Cell phone use OK in study rooms, lobby, and stairwells.


All tobacco products and e-cigarettes are prohibited.

Study Room Policies

  • Group study rooms are available for use by SMU students, staff, and faculty.
  • The maximum reservation length is 3 hours and 6 hours total per day.
  • Study room windows cannot be blocked or covered at any time.

Unattended Belongings

Please do not leave personal belongings unattended. The library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage of personal property. Personal belongings may not be used to hold a study, carrel, or computer. The library reserves the right to remove unattended belongings to lost and found, located at the Main Desk.

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