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Pueblo de San Filipe

Prints & Photographs

Pueblo de San Filipe
John K. Hillers, ca. 1873

The Prints & Photographs collection at the DeGolyer Library consists of over 1,000,000 images. The collection illustrates a broad range of makers and processes from the daguerreotype to gelatin silver prints, stereographs, albums, negatives and film. Photography holdings at the DeGolyer support the study of the history of the U.S. West, Mexico and transportation world-wide.

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The DeGolyer Library is home to one of the most comprehensive railroad photograph collections in the country. Besides many domestic and foreign railroad accessions, the DeGolyer also holds the Eric Steinfeldt Collection of Maritime Views.

Banks of the Kaw, near Fort Riley

“Banks of the Kaw, near Fort Riley”

Across the Continent on the Kansas Pacific Railroad: Route of the 35th Parallel, Alexander Gardner, 1867

U.S. West

The DeGolyer holdings include several rare accessions, particularly notable among them is Alexander Gardner’s 1867 western landscape survey, Across the Continent on the Kansas Pacific Railroad (Route of the 35th Parallel). Also in the collection are important images by Carleton Watkins, Eadweard Muybridge, Andrew Russell, John K. Hillers, George N. Barnard, William Henry Jackson, Charles Roscoe Savage and F. Jay Haynes. The Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photography Collection documents all aspects of Texas photography, ca. 1846-1940.


Vistas, Mexicanas. Patzcuaro

Vistas, Mexicanas. Patzcuaro Abel Briquet, ca. 1880

A great strength at the DeGolyer is photographs by such image makers working in Mexico as Abel Briquet, Hugo Brehme, Charles B. Waite and others. There are photographs of the Mexican Revolution by Manuel Ramos, Walter Horne, and other photographers throughout Mexico and on the border. The Elmer and Diane Powell Collection on the Mexican Revolution is an important resource for the study of Mexico, 1920-1920. The Powell collection consists of photographs, real photographic postcards, prints, original artwork, broadsides, currency, periodicals, books and manuscripts related to the Mexican Revolution. The DeGolyer also has a substantial collection of broadsides by influential artist, José Guadalupe Posada that reflect social and political events around the time of the revolution.

Major Collections

Refinery Towers

Refinery towers, Gulf Oil Corp., Toledo, OH, Robert Yarnall Richie, 1949

The DeGolyer houses large collections that include both prints and negatives. The George W. Cook Dallas/Texas Image Collection is an important addition to the DeGolyer Library and is a wonderful resource for research in Dallas and Texas history. The strength of the Cook Collection lies in its visual images (over 2,200 photographs and 15,000 postcards), but there are also significant manuscripts, diaries, albums, banknotes, ephemera, books, pamphlets, broadsides and objects related to the city of Dallas and Texas. The Andy Hanson Collection has thousands of photographs made by him in Dallas between 1960-2008, highlighting the political and social scene in the city particularly while working at the Dallas Times Herald. The lifework of a commercial photographer, the Robert Yarnall Richie Collection consists of approximately 10,000 photographs, 95,000 negatives and films. The Richard Steinheimer Collection contains thousands of negatives and is particularly strong in western railroads. The engineer who invented the microchip while at Texas Instruments, Jack Kilby was also a skilled photographer, and his collection resides at the DeGolyer. There are also significant collections of Civil War photographs and travel albums.

Foreign Collections

An Hindu Bridegroom

“A Hindu Bridegroom” Photographs of Western India, William Johnson, ca. 1858

A three volume set, Photographs of Western India by William Johnson includes views and panoramas of cities, towns, and people, ca. 1858. Les Travaux Publics de la France par MM. F. Lucas et V. Fournie—Ed. Paris, J. Rothschild, 1883, is a stunning five-volume set with collotype illustrations of towns and landscapes in France by such important photographers as Édouard Baldus. The Sir Ellice Victor Elias Sassoon, Bart., G.B.E. (1881-1961) Collection consists of diaries, correspondence and photograph albums made in Shanghai, India and throughout the world. An album, Der Vormarsch der Flieger Abteilung 27 in der Ukraine, contains unique views of the Ukraine occupied by German forces during World War I. International in scope, the Banks McLaurin, Jr. Stereograph Collection has over 9,000 stereo cards and viewers.

Prints and Drawings

Although smaller in number than the photograph accessions, there are also collections of graphic materials, artwork and posters at the DeGolyer. Among them are the 1847 Army portfolio / By Capt. D.P. Whiting, 7th Inf'y, U.S.A. No. 1., and the African-American Film Collection. The Alvin Colt Neiman-Marcus Fortnight Design Collection consists of original drawings, blueprints, and photographs related to the annual cultural event in Dallas.

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