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History of Peruna

The Mascot

From the Autobiography of Volney Cyrus (Cy) Barcus
Transcribed by Barbara Jane Barcus from the original manuscript

I introduced the idea of the little pony to be the SMU mascot and named him "Peruna".  Bob Goodrich and I were out on a picnic in a wooded area near Vickery near the old Sherman-Denison interurban stop. I saw a little black pony run through the high weeds and said, "That pony would make a good mascot for SMU".

I went to Coach Ray Morrison with my suggestion. He liked it, so at the next pep meeting we introduced "Peruna" to the students. The idea immediately met with unanimous approval - Eleanor Southgate was the SMU coed who brought the pony to the first pep meeting. Her picture was made for the Dallas newspapers.

The original pony was killed a year after I left SMU. He was in the charge of Wilson Goodrich, Bob's brother, who tied the horse with a small rope which he evidently broke.  An automobile hit the pony and it was killed. There is a concrete memorial in front of Ownby Stadium in memory of the first SMU mascot.

The original pony, it was widely decided, was too large and not "frisky" enough for the prancing Mustangs. My friend, "Cully" Culwell (now deceased) saw the nature of the publicity and offered to provide  conveyance for Peruna. He has also furnished ever since a fine trailer for Peruna and today there is no problem of transportation… think that the present pony is No. 6.  The Culwell Ranch is near SMU.

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