2022 Conference Workshops

Bridwell Library and the workshop presenters will provide tools and materials but participants are encouraged to bring their bookbinding toolkits, if they have them. Please note that class sizes are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We cannot reserve your place in a class without having received full payment.

Jiseung: Korean Paper Weaving

Instructor Aimee Lee

In this workshop, participants will learn the basic techniques of Jiseung, the art of Korean paper weaving. Beginning with a sheet of Korean Hanji, participants will split the paper into strips, roll the strips together into cords, and begin weaving those cords into a structure.   

paper sculpture by Aimee Lee
paper sculpture by Aimee Lee
paper sculpture by Aimee Lee

Clasp Making

Instructor Jesse Hunt

Beginning with flat, brass strips, participants will learn to make a basic “bullet” clasp by rolling hinges, riveting pins, and attaching the finished clasps to wooden boards. There will be a significant amount of noise and some dust in this workshop so if you are sensitive to either, please take that into account.

leather book with two clasps
close-up photo of book clasp
multiple book clasps

Edge Gilding

Instructor Juliayn Coleman

Using gold leaf, participants in this class will sand, gild, and burnish a dummy text to produce a fine, polished edge. Traditionally, gilt edges would protect the text block from dust, moisture, and age related damage making this both a practical and aesthetically pleasing technique.

stack of books with gilded pages
tools and equipment used for gilding books
top view of books with gilded pages

Cut Paper Garden, Accordion Book

Instructor Bhavna Mehta

In this class, participants will exercise their skills in the art of paper cutting, creating a variety of floral silhouettes. The finished silhouettes will then be pieced together into a flexible, accordion structure that can be opened like a fan to expose the finished paper “garden.” 

Mehta Two Rivers accordion artist book
Mehta artist book with cut paper accordion
Mehta fan accordion artist book