SMU Libraries Staff Directory

SMU Libraries Staff Directory


Photo Name Location / Division Title Email Phone
Janet Allmon photo Allmon, Janet Technical Services

PIT & Projects Management

Library Specialist 5 214-768-2239
Eldric Bach photo Bach, Eldric Technical Services

Bindery & Metadata Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-4016
Heather Barrett photo Barrett, Heather Technical Services

Head of Acquisitions

Librarian 3 214-768-3696
Stacey Beach photo Beach, Stacey Technical Services

Systems Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-3729
Heather Bell, Business Library Bell, Heather Business Library

Library Manager

Library Specialist 5 214-768-4110
Renee Bell photo Bell, Renee Fondren Library

Stacks Manager

Library Specialist 5 214-768-1839
 Janet Bickel-Burton photo Bickel-Burton, Janet
Business Library

Evening Librarian

Librarian 1

Cindy Boeke Boeke, Cindy Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Assistant Director, Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Librarian 4 214-768-4361
Caroline Byrne photo Byrne, Caroline Fondren Library

Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-2259
Amy Carver Carver, Amy Administration

Director of Friends of SMU Libraries and Director of Interactive Engagement 214-768-1939
Samantha Cavanaugh photo Cavanaugh, Samantha Fondren Library

Assistant Circulation Manager

Library Specialist 4 214-768-9329
Jennifer Cessac Cessac, Jennifer Fondren Library

Assistant to the Associate Dean of SMU Libraries and Director of Fondren Library

Library Specialist 4 214-768-4397
Lara Corazalla Corazalla, Lara Bridwell Library

Periodicals and Electronic Resources Librarian 

Librarian 3 214-768-3551
 staff photo Crenshaw, Clayton
Technical Services

Discovery & Systems Development Librarian

Librarian 2
Margaret Cybulski Cybulski, Margaret Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Digital Production Librarian

Librarian 1 214-768-2284
LaGail Davis photo Davis, LaGail Hamon Arts Library

General Operations Manager

Library Specialist 5 214-768-4437
Evelyn Day photo Day, Evelyn Fondren Library

Social Sciences Research Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-3743
 No Photo Available Dekat, Shannon Underwood Law Library

Interlibrary Loan Specialist/Acquisitions Manager

Library Specialist 4
Jolene de Verges photo de Verges, Jolene Administration

Director, Hamon Arts Library

Librarian 4 214-768-1855
Samantha Dodd Dodd, Samantha DeGolyer Library

Curator, Archives of Women of the Southwest

Librarian 2 214-768-0829
Abby Dover photo Dover, Abby Technical Services

Monograph Catalog and Authority Control Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-2334
Shayla Dye photo
Dye, Shayla
Fondren Library

Circulation Specialist

Library Specialist 4
Joel Eatmon photo Eatmon, Joel DeGolyer Library

Collection Development Librarian for Print Collections

Librarian 2 214-768-4322
Jane Elder Elder, Jane Bridwell Library

Reference Librarian 

Librarian 4 214-768-7533
Anthony Elia Elia, Anthony Administration Director, Bridwell Library 214-768-1867
Cynthia Franco photo Franco, Cynthia DeGolyer Library

Special Collections Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-3605
Ellen Frost Frost, Ellen Bridwell Library

Head of Technical Services

Librarian 4 214-768-3749
 Leslie Fuller photo  Fuller, Leslie
Bridwell Library

Reference and Digital Services Librarian

Librarian 1
Timothy Galina photo
Gallina, Timothy Underwood Law Library

Research and Faculty Services Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-1831
Hollie Gardner photo Gardner, Hollie Fondren Library

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Librarian 3 214-768-2331
Chris Garza photo Garza, Chris
Underwood Law Library

Circulation Services Specialist

Library Specialist 2
Joan Gosnell photo Gosnell, Joan DeGolyer Library

University Archivist

Librarian 3 214-768-2261
Rebecca Graff photo Graff, Rebecca Fondren Library

Humanities Research Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-3656
No Photo Available Grubbs, Emily Hamon Arts Library

Archivist, Bywaters Special Collections

Librarian 2 214-768-1860
Sandra Heads-Thorpe photo Heads-Thorpe, Sandra Underwood Law Library

Circulation Services Specialist

Library Specialist 2
Megan Heuer photo Heuer, Megan Fondren Library

Head of Information Literacy
& Communication Arts Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-1856
Terre Heydari photo Heydari, Terre DeGolyer Library

Operations Manager

Library Specialist 5 214-768-3637
Jalesia Horton photo Horton, Jalesia
Fondren Library

Head of Access Services

Librarian 2 214-768-3140
Rebecca Howdeshell Howdeshell, Rebecca Bridwell Library

Digital Projects Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-1165
Jesse Hunt Hunt, Jesse Bridwell Library


Librarian 1 214-768-2629
Greg Ivy Ivy, Greg Administration Associate Dean for Library and Technology, Underwood Law Library
 Holly Jeffcoat photo  Jeffcoat, Holly Administration Dean, SMU Libraries 214-768-2401
Sarah Jenkins Jenkins, Sarah Fondren Library

Reference & Instruction Services Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-4894
Christina Jensen Jensen Christina
DeGolyer Library

Head of Public Services

Librarian 2
Wenchao Jia photo Jia, Wenchao Technical Services

Music and Media Acquisitions Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-1382
Melissa Johnson Johnson, Melissa Business Library

Instructional Design Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-4654
angela Jones staff photo Jones, Angela
Underwood Law Library

Head of Technical Services

Librarian 3

 Sylvia Jones photo Jones, Sylvia Fondren Library

Engineering Librarian

Librarian 4 214-768-1849
Carolyn Keenon photo Keenon, Carolyn Administration

Personnel Coordinator -- Fondren Library

Coordinator 2 214-768-1850
Rahni Kennedy photo Kennedy, Rahni Technical Services

Music and Media Catalog/Metadata Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-3700
Elizabeth Killingsworth photo Killingsworth, Elizabeth Administration

Associate Dean of SMU Libraries and Director of Fondren Library

Librarian 4 214-768-3686
Tom Kimbrough photo  Kimbrough, Tom Underwood Law Library
Associate Director for Collection Development 214-768-3978
Karen Leeseberg Leeseberg, Karen Business Library

Sr. Instruction & Outreach Librarian

Librarian 4 214-768-4106
 Pauline Martin Photo  Martin, Pauline
Bridwell Library

Head of Access and User Services Librarian

Librarian 2
Russell Martin photo Martin, Russell Administration Director, DeGolyer Library 214-768-3234
Scott Martin photo Martin, Scott Hamon Arts Library

Moving Image Curatorial Assistant, G. William Jones Film and Video Collection

Library Specialist 5 214-768-4637
 Elisa Welder photo McCune, Elisa Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Metadata & Digitization Specialist

Library Specialist 4  214-768-1462
Jonathan McMichael photo McMichael, Jonathan Fondren Library

User Experience Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-1273
Christine Asberry Milazzo photo Milazzo, Christine Asberry Fondren Library

Library Marketing

Senior Designer 214-768-4162
John Milazzo photo Milazzo, John Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Digitization Coordinator

Coordinator 2 214-768-3701
Sandy Miller Miller, Sandy Administration Director, Business Library 214-768-4113
Rafia Mirza photo Mirza, Rafia Fondren Library

Humanities Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-1838
Seth Miskimins Miskimins, Seth Bridwell Library

Cataloging and Metadata Librarian 

Librarian 2 214-768-3857
Beverly Mitchell photo Mitchell, Beverly Hamon Arts Library

Assistant Director, Hamon Arts Library, Art and Dance Librarian & Curator, Hawn Gallery

Librarian 4 214-768-2796
Christopher Molinar photo  Molinar, Christopher Underwood Law Library

Circulation Services Specialist

Library Specialist 2 214-768-3383
R. Arvid Nelsen Nelsen, Arvid Bridwell Library

Rare Books and Manuscripts Librarian 

Librarian 3 214-768-3440
Ada Negraru photo Negraru, Ada DeGolyer Library

Special Collections Librarian

Librarian 1 214-768-1338
Ellen Niewyk photo Niewyk, Ellen Hamon Arts Library

Curator, Bywaters Special Collections

Curator 214-768-1859
Toni Nolen photo Nolen, Toni Administration

Head of Library Systems

Librarian 4 214-768-3666
Pam Pagels photo Pagels, Pam Hamon Arts Library

Music and Theatre Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-1857
Anne Peterson photo Peterson, Anne DeGolyer Library

Curator of Photographs

Curator 214-768-2661
Marja Pietilainen-Rom photo  Pietilainen-Rom, Marja
Underwood Law Library

SSRN Coordinator

Library Specialist 214-768-3245
No Photo Available  Richmond, Randell
Underwood Law Library Circulation Services Specialist
Michelle Ried Ried, Michelle Bridwell Library Assistant to the Director 214-768-3483
Chris Rincon photo Rincon, Chris Hamon Arts Library

Stacks Maintenance Manager

Library Specialist 5 214-768-1858
Tracey Rinehart Rinehart, Tracey Business Library

User Experience Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-4284
 No Photo Available Rogers, Travis
Technical Services

Batch Editing, Metadata & Bound Periodicals Specialist

Library Specialist 4  214-768-3659
Meg Ruckman photo Ruckman, Meg Administration Accountant 2 214-768-3685
Cindy Ruppi photo Ruppi, Cindy Administration Assistant to the Dean 214-768-2401
Maryam Salehezadeh photo Salehezadeh, Maryam Technical Services

Electronic Resources and Serials Acquisitions
& Technical Services Administrative Support Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-4653
Sarah Haight Sanabria Sanabria, Sarah Haight Administration

Head of Collections and Technical Services

Librarian 3 214-768-3646
Katherine Schacht photo Schacht, Katherine Technical Services

Special Collections Catalog Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-3610
Tyeson Seale photo Seale, Tyeson Fondren Library

Marketing Coordinator

Coordinator 2 214-768-4584
Natasha Siu photo Siu, Natasha Technical Services

Collections Analysis Librarian

Librarian 1 214-768-3731
No Photo Available Speck, Jon Bridwell Library

Director of Operations and Exhibition Designer 214-768-3482
No Photo Available Spracklen, Jeremy Hamon Arts Library

Moving Image Curator

Curator 214-768-4637
Kelly Stapleton photo Stapleton, Kelly Technical Services

End Processing, Periodicals Check-in, Mail & Copy Cataloging Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-3706
Ruthann Swanson photo Swanson, Ruthann Technical Services

Special Collections Cataloging and Processing Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-3698
Ryan Taylor photo Taylor, Ryan Technical Services

PIT Projects, Government Information Processing & Ordering Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-3697
No Photo Available Tifft, Robert Bridwell Library

Evening and Weekend Circulation Supervisor

Library Specialist 5 214-768-3196
Winston Tubb photo Tubb, Winston
Underwood Law Library

Collection Services Manager/Head of Circulation

Library Specialist 5
 Cassie DuBay photo Walker, Cassie
Underwood Law Library

Assistant Director for Scholarly Initiatives

Librarian 3
Rob Walker photo Walker, Rob Norwick Center for Digital Solutions Director, Norwick Center for Digital Solutions 214-768-4317
Breanna Webb photo Webb, Breanna Technical Services

Electronic Resources Management Librarian
& Authority Control

Librarian 2 214-768-2318
James Williamson photo Williamson, James Norwick Center for Digital Solutions

Digital Preservation Librarian

Librarian 3 214-768-2323
Donna Wolff photo  Wolff, Donna Underwood Law Library

Associate Director

Librarian 4 214-768-1828
Jane Wong photo Wong, Jane Fondren Library

Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Library Specialist 4 214-768-2328
Karen Yapp Yapp, Karen Fondren Library

Course Reserve Coordinator

Library Specialist 4 214-768-3229
Yoon, Synae Technical Services

Music and Media Catalog/Metadata Librarian

Librarian 2 214-768-2317
Jessie Zarazaga photo Zarazaga, Jessie Fondren Library Project Director, Initiative for Spatial Literacy 214-768-4960



Fondren Main Desk x8-2329
Bridwell Library Main Desk x8-1866
Business Library x8-4107
Hamon Circulation Desk x8-2894
Underwood Law Library x8-3383
Dean of SMU Libraries x8-2401