The Deason Center takes a Stats and Stories approach to research and reform. We use dynamic educational events to share our work, and our reports and policy briefs provide actionable blueprints for change. We also maintain an active Sixth Amendment practice, vindicating the right to counsel in state and federal courts.


An group of stakeholders learning more about criminal justice reform.


The Deason Center hosts conferences, symposia, and several lecture series. Events in the CJR Workshop, Deason Discussion, STAR Justice, and Doing the Work series are free and available on online.

A laptop showing a data map of cases in Texas.


The Center’s research focuses on the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, the exercise of prosecutorial charging discretion, and the operation of small, tribal, and rural (STAR) criminal legal systems.

Director Pam Metzger discussing criminal justice reform in an interview.


The Center has its ‘boots on the ground’ in criminal practice. With a Sixth Amendment legal practice, a rural externship, and a robust advocacy agenda, the Center is making a difference in people’s lives.