Shelby Sirivore

Shelby Sirivore joined the Deason Criminal Justice Reform Center in September of 2022 as a Research Project Coordinator focused on collecting and analyzing data on non-representation in counties throughout Texas.

Shelby is a 2021 graduate of SMU with her B.A. in Public Policy and Political Science and a minor in Economics. During her undergraduate career, Shelby was a legal assistant for two years before working as an undergraduate research assistant at the Deason Center. 

Shelby joins the Deason Center after spending the last eight months working as a contractor on the non-representation project, where she assisted in data collection, organization, and analysis relating to access to counsel in Texas. During this time, Shelby also worked as an Instructional Support Assistant for the New York State Youth Justice Institute at UAlbany, where she assisted with data visualization on a series of factsheets relating to youth and gender.