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Read what your peers have to say about MayTerm

SMU's intensive 11-day MayTerm is held on the Dallas campus immediately following the conclusion of spring term.  The following student comments were taken from MayTerm course evaluations.

“My professor made coming to class for four hours every day enjoyable; she managed to present an incredible amount of material while still making it fun and giving us time for discussion.”

“Short, sweet and to the point.”

‘I wanted to focus on this class for two weeks instead of an entire semester.  I have a hard time giving UC classes priority when I am also taking classes for my major, so I thought it would be easier to only focus on this one class.”

“10/10, [I] would do [it] again.”

“I wanted to get ahead by taking good classes that offered a lot of pillars and proficiencies so I can graduate in 4 years.”

“I would highly recommend MayTerm.  It is 100% do-able and a great way to take care of classes for your major or UC in a short amount of time.”

“I was able to focus on one course and excel in it without distractions from taking another course.”

“MayTerm moves quickly, and I was able to devote all my attention to one course.  Obviously, it’s difficult to keep up, but the challenge kept me from getting complacent.”

“I have a double major and May Term helps me complete it in 4 years.”

“… If you are a dedicated student and a hard worker, I would recommend it!”

“I really enjoyed the condensed format of the class.  I found it was easier to retain information … 4 hours of Chemistry everyday did become tiring, but it was necessary to finishing the course on time.  Overall, my MayTerm course was a great experience.”

“I got what I need in a short amount of time that I could have just wasted.”

“[I enrolled in MayTerm] to take a course that would have been otherwise difficult to fit into my schedule as I am an Electrical Engineer and a Math major, so I just needed to get this entry level course out of the way.”

“I loved how face-paced it was.”

“[I would recommend MayTerm to] people trying to do multiple majors or people with a big course load, as it helps you get the course out of the way and helps you make a more concise and focused fall and spring semester.”

“[I enrolled in MayTerm] to repeat my chem1303 class that I failed first semester… it was a very good experience and a good way to earn credit hours.”

“… the best class I have taken at SMU so far.”

“I am primarily an EE major, but I am on the premed track because I’m interested in biomedical engineering.  I have to take a lot of engineering courses and sciences.  I’m kind of behind technically, so I need to get in all the courses I need to so I can go into upper level EE classes.”

 “I wanted a quick credit class to knock out some pillars.”

“I liked the small class size a lot.  I’m not really someone who feels comfortable talking to professors that much, but I felt good about it in this sort of environment.”

“I liked how involved everyone was and that it was a smaller class.  Although it is stressful to cram everything in 2 weeks, I thought our professor did an excellent job making sure we did not miss anything.”

“… you can focus on one course and raise your GPA in 11 days of class.”

“… makes completing the UC so less stressful.”

“[I took MayTerm] to help me get in the business school a semester early.”

“You only focus on one thing, so all your attention was on one class.  Therefore, [you are] able to understand and perform better.”

“… Greatest thing there is.  Easy and great way to get credit hours and knock out a course!”

“I really liked the condensed semester.  I would absolutely take another May term.”

“… I will certainly encourage my peers to take May term.  The hours are very reasonable and the material is easy to grasp in the short time.”

“Get er done.  Fast pace was the hardest.”

“I took a class during JTerm and loved the accelerated pace and challenging material, so I hoped that MayTerm would be similar.  My hopes were fulfilled.”

“… if committed, you can learn a large quantity of material in a short period of time.”

“… It was a good way for me to get a step further to graduation!”

“I loved that we only had one focus for the entire period... with May Term, even though it’s four hours a day, we only have one course to focus on, and I feel I was truly enlightened because of this.”

“… great class! Fast and furious!”

“Literally the best class I have taken at SMU.”