Visiting Students


Information for Visiting Undergraduate Students

Not pursuing a degree at SMU?  You may be admitted as a visiting student by submitting an application to our Visiting Undergraduate Student Services office.  A complete application includes:

  • Submission of an online form
  • Current official transcript
  • "Good Standing" form
  • $75 application fee

If you wish to transfer credit to your home institution we strongly recommend you seek pre-approval of course equivalency before enrolling in your SMU course.

For more information or assistance
Contact the SMU Visiting Undergraduate Student Services
Phone: 214-768-4712

2019 Undergraduate Tuition

No general student fees are assessed, though some specific courses may charge fees (e.g., travel or lab fees). For SMU graduate students, intersession tuition is typically the current graduate tuition rate charged by their program of study.

1 credit hour (e.g., a PRW or lab course)
3 credit hours (most courses fall under this category)
4 credit hours (e.g., language courses with a lab)