On-Campus Housing for Intersessions

Living on campus is convenient and helps provide a supportive community while attending Intersession classes. SMU makes every effort to accommodate enrolled students who wish to reside on campus, however, limited space availability may not make this possible in all terms.








 Must be living in residential commons in 2018/2019 school year Must be living in residential commons in Spring 2019 Open to any registered student, space permitting

Apply to stay on campus

Contact housing@smu.edu
Through housing portal Through housing portal. If you did not live on campus in 2018/19, contact housing@smu.edu.

Costs and move in dates

No additional residential costs assessed*. Commons open the Sunday before classes start for enrolled students.
See MayTerm Housing for more information See Summer Housing for more information
* Additional dining costs are assessed.

For more information and assistance
Contact the Office of Residence Life & Student Housing (RLSH)