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SMU Merit Scholarships & Financial Aid

Students receiving SMU Merit Scholarships (such as the President's Scholars, Hunt Scholars, Provost or Rotunda scholarships) or need-based financial aid (SMU Opportunity Award) may be eligible to receive these awards on a pro-rated basis for intersessions. Please note that Federal and State funds are not available for intersessions unless a student meets certain enrollment criteria (see below).

Please be sure to enroll and request financial aid 3 weeks before the Bursar’s Office due dates to avoid late fees.

Financial aid applied automatically
MayTerm Financial aid applied automatically
June-July Apply for financial aid by early May**

Students receiving SMU Tuition Benefits may be able to receive benefits for intersessions, but are not eligible for additional scholarship funding. Please contact SMU Human Resources regarding your intersessions tuition benefits.

To estimate the dollar amount of awards that may be applied toward your account, use our Financial Aid Calculator or contact your Financial Aid Advisor. 

Due to higher volume and more complex financial aid rules for June-July, students MUST request SMU financial aid by completing the Financial Aid Request Form

** Financial aid requests will still be processed after this date.

Federal and State Funds

Federal and State funds typically are not available for JanTerm or MayTerm. To receive Federal and State financial aid, a student must be enrolled at SMU for at least 6 hours over the course of the summer (May – August on the Dallas campus, SMU-in-Taos, and Study Abroad all count toward these hours). NEW! - students eligible for the Pell Grant may be able to receive this in Summer. Contact your Financial Aid Advisor for more information.

For more information or assistance
Contact SMU Financial Aid