Costs & Aid


For all 2019 Intersessions, tuition is charged at  $1,464 per credit hour.  Most courses are 3 credit hours ($4,392).

View options for payment here. A payment plan is available for June-July, but not for JanTerm or MayTerm.

Tuition payment due dates are scheduled before the start of the intersession, typically at the end of the preceding term. If a student enrolls after the payment due date, tuition is due within 72 hours. Late fees are assessed on late payments.

Cancellation/Withdrawal and Refunds

I want to cancel my enrollment for:




If you are enrolled in multiple courses
(as in June-July) and only want to cancel one of these, you can drop the course through my.SMU through the drop period (see dates and deadlines). 

If you are enrolled in only one course or you want to cancel all of your courses so that you withdraw from the term, you MUST fill out additional paperwork in one of the following ways:

  1. Prior to the first day of term, cancel by completing the online Cancellation Form available on the JanTerm, MayTerm, and June-July home pages.  
  2. To cancel on or after the first day of class, complete a Withdrawal/Cancellation form and submit it to your school of record (June-July students) or the Intersessions Office (JanTerm and MayTerm students).

Full refunds

Cancellations prior to the start of term are entitled to a 100% refund. See program dates and deadlines to check if your cancellation is eligible.

Partial refunds

Students who drop early in the term may be entitled to a partial refund. For short sessions (Jan & May), students can receive a 50% refund if they initiate a drop on the first day of class.  For longer sessions (JanTerm ONLINE, June, July), students must drop within the first two days to be eligible for a partial refund. 

For more information or assistance
Contact the Bursar's Office