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Intersessions Partial Tuition Assistance Award

A limited number of partial tuition assistance scholarships are available to full-time SMU undergraduate students enrolled in intersessions courses. Assistance is awarded at the discretion of the Intersessions Scholarship Committee, based in part on financial need, academic merit, and strength of the applicant's essay.

The scholarship can only be applied towards the cost of tuition. The Intersessions Scholars Award can be combined with other financial aid, not to exceed the cost of tuition. Those receiving staff/dependent benefits through SMU are not eligible for the Intersessions Scholars Award. This scholarship is not applicable to the Meadows New York Colloquium in JanTerm. Students must be enrolled in at least 3 credit hours to be eligible for this award.

Interested students apply for the Intersessions Scholars Award by completing an online application form and submitting an essay (not to exceed 750 words) describing any financial need, as well as how intersessions will help them meet academic or professional goals. Find the form for your term below!



JanTerm Scholars Award Application
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MayTerm Scholars Award Application
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Summer Scholars Award Application
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