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International Student Mentor List

Jingjing Yang

Jingjing was born in China, and she migrated to Singapore with her family when she was a teenager. Double majoring in Accounting and Economics with Finance Applications, Jingjing is currently a junior and will pursue a Master's Degree in Accounting. Elected as the International Senator in academic year 2011-2012, Jingjing represented international students in the student governing body. She worked on legislations and programming that benefitted her constituents. She appreciated the experience to serve and interact with her fellow international students. In her spare time, Jingjing enjoys traveling and participating in outdoor activities. She is currently training for her first half marathon in November. 

Jingjing can be reached for questions and comments at

Sanket Ghormade

Sanket Ghormade was born in Nagpur, India. He spent two years of his schooling in Eritrea, North Africa where his father was a Professor of Law in for 3 years .He did education till undergrad in Mumbai, India. He is in Dallas since August 2012 for pursuing his Master of science degree in Telecommunication Engineering. He did his undergraduate studies from University of Mumbai in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. Sanket is tech savvy ,loves to own all the latest technological gadgets and play with them. His favorite spot is Fondren Library in SMU. He loves to travel and experience adventure. Recently International Students Services office sponsored him to go to Canyonlands National Park,Utah for 7-day backpacking trip. He loves to interact with new people and have a good time. He would be happy to provide information and clear doubts to new students.

Sanket Ghormade can be reached for questions and comments at

Biao Wang

Biao Wang was born and raised in China. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree in department of Physics with enthusiastic interest in the fields of Neutrino Physics and the Standard Model(SM) of Big Bang Cosmology. He enjoys swimming in the gym at the weekends or taking a walk around the White Rock Lake in his leisure time.

Jingjing can be reached for questions and comments at or by phone 505- 886-1107

Abhay Mandayam

My name is Abhay and I was born and brought up in Bangalore, India. I’m a native speaker of Kannada and Tamil, fluent in English and speak a little bit of Hindi.

I’m pursuing a Masters degree in Telecom at SMU. I came to Dallas in August 2012 and found it quite easy to get accustomed to the American way of everyday life and for that matter believe any student should be at ease. Like how my friends who were already here and helped me to settle down when I first stepped on US soil, going forward I’m eager to help any incoming students to get familiar with the environment at SMU and Dallas in general.

There are really nice spots to hang around in Dallas like Downtown, Uptown and if you want a leisurely drive, one can always go up the Highland Park area adjacent to SMU to get a feel of opulent nature of the residents there and relaxing creeks and parks in the vicinity.

I like to indulge myself in sports like badminton, racquetball, table tennis and cricket and am up for a friendly game literally at any free time that I have.

Abdulmalek Algomijan

I was born and raised in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Currently, I'm studying Law degree at SMU, spending my time here studying for my future legal work. In the rare hours when I’m not at School, I enjoy running, reading, baking, and waching TV. Every day is a new day in my life, so I try do something different changing daily routine.

I am a big fan of writing and when I was younger I wanted to become a novelist or a writer – the latter being still my unfulfilled dream. I have an older brother who is working as an English teacher and whose company I enjoy very much when he talks to me about different types of books but also a number of very close friends who share my aspirations!

Abdulmalek can be reached for questions and comments at or by phone at 571-346-9531.