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Semester Program Costs

All SMU semester study abroad students will be charged SMU semester tuition and fees for the semester abroad, and they will receive SMU credit and grades for courses taken abroad. Read more about the Home School Tuition policy here.

For many study abroad programs, you will typically pay within $6000 more or less than you would pay to stay on campus. You are charged the standard SMU tuition and fees at the 12-18 credit hour rate (the same as if on campus). Rather than paying for housing and living expenses here in Dallas, you instead pay for them in your host country. You will incur additional expenses for other items such as airfare. 

Note: All pre-departure expenses must be paid by the student. No financial aid should be expected for program deposits, early purchase of airline tickets, passport application fees, etc.



Below are sample budget sheets comparing the cost of study abroad to the cost of staying on campus. These numbers are based on personal student estimates, and the tuition and student fees shown reflect the 2016-2017 Academic Year. Please note that SMU tuition and fees change each year.  Costs both abroad and on-campus will vary from student to student based on room and board preferences as well as personal spending habits. 

All semester students are expected to complete an Estimated Budget Sheet during pre-departure orientation, with the help of SMU Abroad advisors. This orientation is held after students have chosen and applied for a program. If you would like a breakdown of a what it costs to participate in a particular program, please schedule an appointment with your SMU Abroad advisor. We can work with you to create an estimated budget sheet for your program(s) of interest.