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January Payments

January Payments


January Payment and Cancellation Policies

A non-refundable commitment fee of $1,000 is due on October 15. Students will be sent instructions on how to pay in their application. Students who do not make payment by this date will have their applications withdrawn.


Tuition will be billed by the SMU Bursar's Office on the regular billing date for the January term. Students will make the payment in using the regular University payment procedures. Withdrawing on or after the program start date will result in the loss of 100% of tuition and fees. 


Non-payment will result in the student being withdrawn from the program.


Timing of Cancellation


Total Amount

After October 15

Lose non-refundable Commitment Fee ($1,000)


On or after program start date

Lose non-refundable Commitment Fee and 100% tuition ($4,560)













*To cancel participation in a program, a student must notify SMU Abroad in writing at:


Students interested in a medical withdraw should consult with Health Services at SMU. Only the SMU Health Center may authorize a medical withdrawal.