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Program Costs


When downloading, you must select your program and the credit hours you will receive from the drop-down lists in the gray boxes at the top of the worksheet. The estimated costs will populate automatically. You can also enter your own costs for certain items. You can also view a spreadsheet of all programs and an explanation of how many credit hours you will earn by clicking on the "Program Costs" tab at the bottom of the downloaded Excel file.

January 2020 Budgets

NOTE FOR MAC USERS:  Excel for Mac may not allow you to access the drop-down menus which auto-populate the information.  You still have access to the costs for all programs on the second sheet of the Excel Workbook ("Program Costs"), but the functionality will be limited on the first sheet. Alternatively, you may wish to download the PDF version of your program's cost sheet below, paying attention to credit hours.  Keep in mind you will need to recalculate the total costs if you have data to enter in the yellow cells.


 SMU-in-London: Arts & Culture SMU-in-Madrid: Arts & Culture 
SMU-in-Mediterranean: Europe & the Islamic World SMU-in-North Africa: North African Studies 

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*To cancel participation in a program, a student must notify SMU Abroad in writing to: