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Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are students who have have been hired and trained to take on an active role in SMU study abroad. Having studied abroad themselves, Peer Advisors can assist with general other Mustangs study abroad, each student is currently working on a project to make study abroad even better at SMU!

 If you have not yet decided on a program or need general advising for study abroad, feel free to contact one of the students below. You can also contact our Student Ambassadors if you want to hear more about the student experience on specific programs.


Lexie Castaneda, Senior Peer Advisor

  • Majors: Political Science and Spanish
  • Minors: History and Law & Legal Reasoning
  • SMU-in-Costa Rica, Summer 2015
  • SMU-in-Madrid, Summer 2016
  • IFSA-Butler, Queen Mary University of London, Fall 2016


"My abroad experiences have all had an immense impact on who I am as a person, and this has led me to become very passionate about the education travel can give you."


*Lexie served as a peer advisor Spring 2017 and returns as this year senior peer advisor.


Adair Butler, Peer Advisor

  • Major: Markets and Culture
  • Minors: Business, European Studies
  • SMU-in-Copenhagen, Fall 2016


"[Study abroad] expanded my perspectives and given me insights that I never would have developed on my own. Being around people from different cultures made me question my way of thinking and consider other viewpoints. ."




Christine Chang, Peer Advisor


  • Major: Marketing
  • Minors:Chinese, Advertising
  • SMU-in-China, Summer 2016


"My abroad experience helped me experience a whole new culture I would have never been able to experience myself."



Sydney Frodsham, Peer Advisor

  • Major: Vocal Performance 
  • IES Barcelona - Liberal Arts & Business, Spring 2017


"It's been the most difficult and most rewarding experience of my life... and I have a clearer idea of what I want my future to look like."




Katherine Linares, Peer Advisor

  • Major: Environmental Studies
  • Minor:Anthropology, Psychology
  • SFS Costa Rica - Sustainable Development, Spring 2017


"It allowed me to grow as a person by challenging me...and [to] look at the bigger picture in many aspects of society.."



Evan Webb, Peer Advisor

  • Major: Finance
  • Minors: Sports Management, Law/Legal Reasoning
  • SMU-in-Italy, Summer 2016
  • SMU-in-Madrid, January 2017
  • SMU Dublin Internship, Summer 2017


"There is a large difference between vacationing and studying abroad... I truly felt immersed into a culture, and while I was truly there studying...I learned so much more about the everyday people around me that I never anticipated."