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Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are students who have have been hired and trained to take on an active role in SMU study abroad. Having studied abroad themselves, Peer Advisors can assist with general other Mustangs study abroad, each student is currently working on a project to make study abroad even better at SMU!

Adele Carter '20, Senior Peer Advisor

  • Westport, CT
  • Majors: Music and World Languages (Spanish and Arabic)
  • IES Abroad, Granda, Fall 2018

Adele had the opportunity to take classes through her program at Universidad de Granada as an international student. She values the intense culture immersion she experienced from living in a homestay, helping Spanish university students improve their English through her program’s language exchange initiative, and being an international student at a university where English was not spoken. Adele also traveled to Morocco with her program, where she stayed in a homestay in Rabat, and had the opportunity to speak Arabic with students from the local university. She loves hearing from and assisting students in their study abroad endeavors.

Matthew Norwood '20, Peer Advisor

  • Lucas, TX
  • Major:International Studies and Biology
  • SIT Study Abroad Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment, Fall 2018

In Mongolia Matthew had the opportunity to do wildlife internships in the Gobi and live in a yurt out on the steppes with a nomadic family. His abroad experience was incredible both from an academic and a personal standpoint, as the experiences changed both his interests and his perspective on his priorities. He hopes to graduate this year and go to pharmacy school, with a goal of becoming a nuclear pharmacist. Matthew wants to help students find the opportunity to go somewhere they've never been before, and wants to expand SMU Abroad to more out-of-the-way destinations. He is always open to anyone with questions about study abroad.


Hideo Ishii-Adajar '20, Peer Advisor

  • Plano, TX
  • Major: Applied Mathematics and Economics with a Minor in Japanese
  • CIEE Khon Kaen, Thailand, Development and Globalization Program, Spring 2019
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Recipient

With a strong interest in Economic Development, Hideo chose a study abroad program focusing on current development issues.  The program had students live with villagers in community homestays to learn about the issues from a human perspective. For Hideo, the best parts of living in Thailand were learning the language and eating spicy food.  Hideo is now planning to return to Khon Kaen to research the potential implications of building a sugarcane factory next to a village with an Engaged Learning undergraduate research grant.  He hopes that this research project will serve as a stepping-stone to graduate school and to a career in international development policy.


Taylor Grace '21, Peer Advisor

  • Flower Mound, TX
  • Major: Engineering Management Science, Spanish 
  • SMU-in-Madrid: Language and Culture, Summer 2018

Taylor is involved in Student Mobilization (STUMO) and the SMU Women’s Club Lacrosse team on campus. As an engineering student, Taylor knows it is difficult to find time in your schedule to go abroad, but that it is possible to do so while fulfilling courses for a major, or for general education requirements.  For Taylor, the SMU Abroad summer program allowed her to take language courses, to make incredible memories, and to meet SMU students she would have never met outside of the Madrid program. Taylor believes that everyone should take the chance to study abroad.



Rhys Zimmerman '20, Peer Advisor

  • Richardson, TX
  • Major:Philosophy and Marketing with a Minor in Advertising 
  • IFSA-Butler at the University of Edinburgh, Fall 2018

Rhys’ program in Scotland allowed her to be immersed in the university and offered a weekend excursions like the trip to the Highlands and a homestay in the Lake District. She loved the beautiful landscapes in Scotland and the endless sheep.  She traveled to several other countries during free weekends (and Italy was her favorite). Rhys is also involved with Alpha Kappa Psi and The Tent on campus. Rhys is always ready to discuss any questions about managing a semester abroad, traveling in Europe, and more.