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Health and Safety

Health Insurance International SOS, Registration in Travel Tracker, and the STEP Program

SMU maintains an accident medical insurance policy that covers all SMU students traveling internationally on SMU-approved programs. This accident medical policy provides coverage for unexpected injuries and illnesses that can occur while abroad, and is tied in with the International SOS service also provided by SMU described below. Since this policy is specific to unexpected injuries and illnesses that occur abroad, students are also required to have a health insurance policy that covers them during the time they will travel abroad. SMU values your privacy and does not ask you to disclose medical conditions. You are responsible for your own healthcare, and we encourage you to develop a healthcare plan with your medical practitioners to address your health needs abroad. You may choose to disclose serious and /or chronic health conditions with your program leaders so they may be aware in case of emergency. 


Health Insurance


If you are on the SMU Student Health Insurance Plan, you will be covered abroad. The SHIP brochure is published on the SMU Health Center website.


If you are not enrolled in the SMU Student Health Insurance Plan because you have obtained a waiver from SMU, contact your health insurance provider to ensure that you will be covered overseas. If your insurance does not offer international coverage, seek additional insurance through your insurer or write to the SMU Health Insurance Office at for help in identifying an appropriate insurance plan.


International SOS


As an SMU student enrolled in an approved program traveling abroad, you will have access to emergency medical, evacuation, and repatriation services through International SOS. Later in this orientation program you will learn how to register for the International SOS services through Travel Tracker.


There are multiple ways to contact International SOS. You can contact International SOS at any time by calling the dedicated scholastic phone number (+1 215-942-8478) or submitting information online. We highly recommend students download the I-SOS Assistance App. The app provides a one-touch call service to the nearest International SOS center.


After downloading the International SOS App, log in with the SMU Membership ID number. Then create your profile to set up travel alerts, and research destinations, security and health matters in your destination country.


Registration in Travel Tracker


Although all undergraduates should already be registered in the SMU Abroad application database, either because you are approved to study abroad, or because you are traveling with an SMU-sponsored program to do research, service, or work internationally, you must register your itinerary in the International SOS Travel Tracker system.


You are not automatically registered with International SOS Travel Tracker. To register, follow the steps described on the Risk Management website.


Any questions regarding International SOS or the accident medical coverage can be directed to the Office of Risk Management at,phone 214-768-2083.


STEP Program 


Community members are reminded to register their travel with the State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, or STEP.