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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

The health, safety and security of the SMU community while abroad are of campus-wide priority. A Response Team is in place should any issues occur that involve students, faculty or staff traveling overseas.

SMU Abroad programs are located in areas of the world that are deemed safe by the University, thanks to current information from the U.S. State Department, the Overseas Security Advisory Council, and our current international health insurance carrier, regularly reviewed by the SMU Office of Risk Management and the SMU International Center. Be aware that the risk of challenging safety and security events involving U.S. citizens and property is everywhere, including Paris, Perth and San José as well as Dallas, Texas.

All SMU Abroad programs have contingency plans for possible emergency and crisis situations, including health-related matters, natural disasters, criminal acts, civil unrest and terrorist activity. The plans consider both on-site actions and SMU in Dallas support. The on-site component includes the assistance of overseas U.S. Embassies and the local authorities. Program directors and staff know to keep in constant contact regarding health, safety and security matters with the authorities and to notify students immediately should any action be necessary.

The following tips apply while you are abroad and when you are at home. Be especially conscious of them when you are out and about in crowded areas, such as train and bus stations, airports, tourist sites, city plazas and malls, as well as walking to events or waiting for your friends.