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Library Staff Awards

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Award Categories and Past Winners

2013 Winners

Employee of the Year - Evelyn Day
Outstanding Achievement - Tim Binkley
Continuing Excellence - Ryan Taylor
Effective Use of Technology - Rebecca Howdeshell
Rookie of the Year - Kristen Heider
Outstanding Student Assistant - Jacy Mann

2012 Winners

Employee of the Year - Christopher Molinar
Outstanding Achievement - Jane Lenz Elder
Continuing Excellence - Terre Heydari
Effective Use of Technology - Ron Sherrell
Rookie of the Year - Beth Andresen
Outstanding Student Assistant - Ida Jagne

2011 Winners

Employee of the Year - Christine Willard
Outstanding Achievement - Michelle Hahn
Continuing Excellence - Geailya Armour
Effective Use of Technology - Cindy Boeke
Outstanding Student Assistant - Adrian Kusuma

2010 Winners

Employee of the Year - Toni Nolen
Outstanding Achievement - Beverly Mitchell
Continuing Excellence - Ruthann Swanson
Effective Use of Technology - Jon Haupt
Outstanding Student Assistant - Heather Ogelvie

2009 Winners

Employee of the Year - Jim Quevedo
Outstanding Achievement - Jon Speck
Continuing Excellence - John Milazzo
Effective Use of Technology - Christine Asberry Milazzo
Outstanding Student Assistant - Yan (Patricia) Silong