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Library Staff Awards

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Award Criteria

General consideration for all awards:

Continuing outstanding performance is a requirement for those nominated for any award.  In evaluating a nominee against the criteria for any award, extraordinary performance in one area may be viewed as more important than the expectation for demonstration of achievement in all areas.  The decision may be made by the Awards Committee to make a second award in one category when there are no nominations in another category or to change categories when the nominee fits better into a category other than that for which nominated.

The following may serve as general examples of types of achievement for which staff might be recognized:

  • Demonstrating leadership and providing guidance in interacting with the public and other employees.
  • Developing, implementing, and fostering advances in library operations, services or programs.
  • Implementing successful and creative projects.
  • Enhancing the user experience through creative applications of information technology.
  • Marketing and promoting services to library users.
  • Changing physical and/or attitudinal barriers.
  • Enhancing and promoting quality.
  • Exhibiting an exceptional spirit of service to others.

Criteria for specific awards:

Employee of the Year

Awarded to a library staff member who has:

  • Demonstrated exemplary service during the past year.
  • Demonstrated successful management of one or more major projects which reflect positively on the University.
  • Implemented an innovative idea for enhancing service, improving operations, or saving money.

Outstanding Achievement

Awarded to a librarian or professional library staff member who has:

  • Contributed significantly to the SMU community or to the information professions through personal service, leadership, scholarship, or involvement in professional associations.
  • Maintained excellent relations with other library employees and library users.
  • Maintained a record of exemplary work for a period of 3-5 years.
  • Demonstrated outstanding achievement, performance, or service.

Continuing Excellence

(Funded by Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon)

Awarded to a library support staff member who has:

  • Set an example of knowledge, expertise, dedication and enthusiasm.  Continually demonstrates the highest level of commitment to service to library users and SMU faculty and staff.
  • Maintained a consistent record of outstanding performance (may include different position levels) for a minimum of three years.
  • Maintained excellent relations with other SMU employees and library users.
  • Made significant contributions to the SMU community or to the library profession.

Outstanding Student Assistant

Awarded to a student employee who has demonstrated exemplary continuing performance during the period of employment (minimum of six months).  Consideration will be given to work habits, knowledge of work, quality and quantity of work, judgment, initiative, adaptability and reliability.

Effective Use of Information Technology

(Funded by Friends of the SMU Libraries/Colophon)

Awarded periodically to a library staff member who has developed and/or implemented an effective use of information technology that enhances library services and/or operations.

Rookie of the Year

(Funded by the Libraries Executive Board)

Awarded periodically to a new library staff member (employed full-time by SMU libraries less than 3 years) who has demonstrated the initiative, creativity and ability to make a significant contribution to the library in a short time.