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M.S. Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the computer science discipline concerned with developing large applications. Software engineering covers not only the technical aspects of building software systems, but also management issues, such as directing programming teams, scheduling, and budgeting.

The SMU Master's degree program in Software Engineering offers a balanced approach to both the management and technical expertise necessary to succeed in this critically important field. Many of the courses are based upon those proposed by the Software Engineering Institute, specifically founded by the Department of Defense to assist in the development of a sound foundation for this rapidly emerging field. Centering on the problems of working professionals in this field, the SMU program in Software Engineering serves the needs of both the full- and part-time student.

Admission Requirements

D. Eng. Software Engineering

Software engineering covers both technical and management issues related to the planning, development, marketing, and evolution of large software systems used in society today, covering techniques, models, and processes from the initial market analysis and product planning, through product requirements gathering, system architecture and product design, product implementation, verification and validation, product release, and all the way to post-release product support, maintenance, and evolution. Issues related to software products and systems specific to different problem domains, such as software used in information processing, aerospace, telecommunications, financial services, etc., are also the subjects of study of software engineering.

Admission Requirements