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M.S. Computer Science

The program requires either 24 hours of course work and Master’s thesis, or 30 hours of course work. All students take 12 hours of core courses and 6 hours of concentration and 12 hours of electives. Thesis students take 6 hours of thesis, instead of concentration. All students are allowed to take at most 3 hours of independent study, which will be counted as one elective course. Students on campus are required to register for zero hours of seminar course, at least one semester, and secure a pass grade. All requirements must be completed within 7 calendar years of entry into the program.

Admission Requirements

Ph.D. Computer Science

Students receiving a Ph.D. in computer science are expected to achieve and demonstrate a mastery of the discipline and to significantly advance the state of knowledge through an original research effort.

The graduation requirements fall into the categories of completion of a specified number of graduate credits in appropriate subjects with an acceptable grade point average, demonstration of understanding of the discipline of computer science as evidenced by examination, and, completion of a substantial research effort documented in a doctoral dissertation.

Admission Requirements