Meet the University Ph.D. Fellows

Kimberly DeGrandpre


Ph.D., Geophysics

Hometown: Pacific Grove, California

What is your research area?
Geophysics with a concentration in Remote Sensing/Volcanology. 

What is something cool about your field?
I observe and model volcanic deformation, but it still amazes me that I can use satellites to detect how magma is moving below the Earth's surface. 

What is the best thing you've done as a graduate student at SMU so far?
My adviser at SMU, Dr. Zhong Lu, has already provided me with many wonderful opportunities to meet and network with other leading scientists in my field.

What is your favorite thing to do in Dallas?
Hop a super cheap flight to Central America. 

What do you wish you'd known before starting graduate schools?
I haven't been too surprised by graduate school, but it wasn't until I first went to graduate school that I learned how important it is that you have a good adviser, both for my personal education and for my career as a scientist. 

What is your favorite leisure activity?
I really enjoy being disconnected from technology and pushing my physical limits in nature, be it while I'm mountaineering, surfing, skiing, or SCUBA diving.  I find it helps me to relax and find peace.