Current Students

Career Development

SMU has an institutional subscription to Versatile Ph.D., a career-building tool for graduate students interested in pursuing non-academic careers, thanks to a partnership between SMU Graduate Studies, the Hegi Family Career Development Center, and the Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences.  All SMU graduate students can access the subscriber resources on the Versatile Ph.D. website through Handshake at  Navigate to the  "Resources Library" in the "Career Center" dropdown menu at the top of the page.  You may also verify your SMU institutional affiliation and access the Versatile Ph.D. subscriber resources here:  Versatile Ph.D.  

Once you reach the Versatile Ph.D. login page, create a member account if it's your first visit. If you already have an account, sign in as usual.

On the Versatile Ph.D. site you will find:

  • Listings of non-academic jobs relevant to those with graduate degrees
  • Authentic resumes and cover letters that got real Ph.D.s their first post-academic jobs, with detailed narratives describing the hiring process step by step, giving the nuts and bolts of how new Ph.D.s and ABDs successfully broke into a wide variety of careers
  • Inspiring first-person stories by experienced post-academics describing how their careers evolved over several years after moving out of the academy:  promotions, advancement, signature accomplishments
  • Detailed inside information on a wide range of specific PhD-friendly careers provided by Ph.D.s in those careers, along with their answers to grad student questions
  • Networking opportunities for you to connect with Ph.D.s outside the academy