Research Days

Research Days

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Graduate Poster Session- March 27th

Graduate 3 Minute Thesis- March 28th

Undergraduate Poster Session/Demo Fair- March 26th

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Congratulations to our participants and winners from Research Day 2018 Events!  You can find the winners lists and more pictures below. 

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Research Day 2018 Poster Session Photos


Research Day 2018 Three Minute Thesis Photos


2018 Poster Session Winners

Department Award Author
Anthropology Dean's Award Megan Bartrum
Applied Physiology and Wellness Dean's Award Dustin Allen
Biology Dean's Award (split) Aditi Malu
Biology Dean's Award (split) Amila Nanayakkara
Biology Du Xin Award Lauren Ammerman
Chemistry Dean's Award (split) Caleb Bunton
Chemistry Dean's Award (split) Jian Cao
Chemistry Dean's Award (split) Niraj Verma
Chemistry Dean's Award (split) Hongyu Zhou
Computer Science and Engineering Dean's Award Nada Alzaben
Earth Sciences Dean's Award Yusuf Eshqi Molan
Economics Dean's Award Priyanka Chakraborty
Education Dean's Award Carlin Conner
Electrical Engineering Dean's Award Muralidhar Madabhushi Balaji
Electrical Engineering Dean's Award Kaitlin Smith
Engineering Management, Information, and Systems Dean's Award Amin Ziaeifar
Guildhall Dean's Award Wenzheng Huang
Mathematics Dean's Award Jennifer Swenson
Mechanical Engineering Dean's Award Nima Yazdian
Psychology Dean's Award Chelsea Carson
Psychology Dean's Award Margaret Sala
Statistical Science Dean's Award (split) Ryan McShane
Statistical Science Dean's Award (split) Xiaojie Xhu
Multidisciplinary Group Dean's Award Faris Altimimi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

AT&T Prize for IoT Poster Nada Albazen (Computer Science & Engineering)
  L3/Link Award for Innovation Michael Taylor (Computer Science & Engineering)

2018 Three Minute Thesis Winners

First Place: Aditi Malu, Biology

Second Place: Benjamin Williams, Statistical Science

People's Choice: Yulan Bai, EMIS and Aditi Malu, Biology (tie)


Students at Research Day

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Event Photos - Poster Presentation Highlights 

Previous Research Day Winners

Award   Author Co-Authors  Department   Title of Poster  Advisor

 Dean's Award

Ian Jorgeson



Quantifying the Relationship between Geography and Social Networks 

Sunday Eiselt

 Dean's Award Andrew Udofa Laurence Ryan; Peter Weyand       APSM Foot-Ground Forces During Running: A Loaded Approach with Sensible Possibilities Peter Weyand
 Dean’s Award (Split)  Tetiana Hutchison Aditi Malu; Rachel Bergeson; Kendra Peck; Carolyn Harrod; Wesleigh Gwinn; Robert Harrod    Biological Sciences The Supportive Role of the HTLV-1 p30II Protein in Viral Carcinogenesis Robert Harrod
 Du Xin Award  Collette LaVigne Marchesseault James McCormick; Pia Vogel; John Wise  Biological Sciences Characterization of Medically Relevant ABC Transporters for Targeted Drug Therapy John Wise
 Dean’s Award (Split) Amila Nanayakkara James McCormick; Courtney Follit; Collette LaVigne; Pia Vogel; John Wise   Biological Sciences  Effects of in silico Identified Inhibitors of ABC Transporters on Drug Accumulation in Multidrug Resistant Cancer Cell Culture Models John Wise
 Dean's Award Yasha Zeinali    CEE Performance Evaluation of Bridges Using Machine Learning and Computer Vision Brett Story
 Dean's Award  Vytor Oliveira  Elfi Kraka  


Exploring the Nature and Strength of Chalcogen Bonding for the Rational Design of New Materials Dieter Cremer
 Dean's Award Avichal Vaish    Chemistry Preparation of Self-healing & Dynamic Gels and Their Conversion to Non-Dynamic Gels using Hypervalent Iodine Compound Nicolay Tsarevsky
 Dean's Award Nibhrat Lohia Raunak Mundada; Arya McCarthy  CSE AirWare: An Advanced In-air Hand-gesture Recognition System Using Ultrasonic Doppler Signatures Leveraging Deep Neural Network Architectures Eric Larson
 Dean's Award Yi Sun    CSE Using Existing Reconfigurable Logic in 3D Die Stacks for Test Jennifer Dworak
 Dean's Award (Split) Yusuf Eshqi Molan Jinwoo Kim  Earth Science Permafrost Deformation Modeling using InSAR Zhong Lu
 Dean's Award (Split) Kevin Kwong Zhong Lu; Jin Woo Kim  Earth Science Improved Teleseismic Locations and InSAR Observations of the 2016 Pedernales Ecuador Earthquake Sequence Heather DeShon
 Dean's Award Cullum Clark    Economics On the Unintended Consequences of State-Sponsored Asset Market Booms Klaus Desmet
 Dean's Award Paul Polanco Meredith Richards Education Policy & Leadership Economic Benefits of Bilingualism Doris Baker
 Dean's Award Mar McCreary Allison Garcia; Dayna Hoban; Taylor Barg; Hyun Song  EE Virtual Impedance Biopsy: Surveying A Range of Body Demographics to Improve Neuromuscular Disease Diagnostics Ahmet Can Sabuncu
 Dean's Award Sahil Sakpal Giovanni Milione; Ming-Jun Li; Tim LaFave Jr.; Hiwa Shahoei  EE Structure Light in Elliptical Core Fiber for Data Center Applications Duncan MacFarlane
 Entrepreneurial Award (Cox BBA) Peter Furseth    EMIS Predicting B2B Sales with Data Mining Eli Olinick
 Dean's Award  Zahra Gharibi Michael Hahsler  EMIS Effect of Regulatory Oversight on Transplant Center’s Kidney Selection and Subsequent Patient Outcomes Michael Hahsler
 Dean's Award (Split) Claudia Castro-Castro Benno Rumpf; Yannan Shen  Mathematics Nonlinearity, PT Symmetry, Twist, and Disorder in Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation Alejandro Aceves
 Dean's Award (Split) Jennifer Swenson    Mathematics Swelling as a Stabilizing Mechanism in Irradiated Thin Films Scott Norris
 Dean's Award  Masoud Mohammadpour Nima Yazdian  ME  Laser Welding-Brazing Process of Dissimilar Materials Radovan Kovacevic
 Dean's Award (Split) Govinda Dhungana Robert Kehoe  Physics Image Differencing Method for Supernova CCD Photometry Robert Kehoe
 Dean's Award (Split) Jasmine Kim    Physics Robotic 3D Printing of Lattice Structures Caitlin Mueller
 Dean's Award (Split) Jasmine (Shilun) Liu    Physics Search for Variable Stars Using ROTSE-I and ROTSE-III Data Robert Vega

Entrepreneurial Award

(Cox MBA)
Grace Boyers    Psychology Depressive Symptoms and Relationship Satisfaction in Bipolar Disorder Lorelei Simpson Rowe
 Dean's Award Caitlin Rancher Ernest N. Jouriles; David Rosenfield; Renee McDonald  Psychology Physical and Sexual Teen Dating Violence Re-Victimization: The Role of Trauma Symptoms Ernest Jouriles
 Dean's Award Xue Li Sherry Wang  Statistical Science A Bayesian Latent Variable Approach to Aggregation of Partial and Top Ranked Lists Sherry Wang

Award Author Co-authors Department Title of Poster Advisor
Dean's Award Mu Huang Dusty Allen; Elliot Frohman; Scott Davis APSM Decreases in Core Temperature and Sweating Onset During Whole-body Heating in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis Following Administration of 4-aminopyridine Scott Davis
Entrepreneurial Award (Cox MBA) Andrew Udofa Kenneth Clark; Laurence Ryan; Peter Weyand APSM Using Physics to Isolate Footwear Impact Forces Peter Weyand
Dean's Award Subil Abraham CSE Predictive CyberSecurity Analytics Framework Suku Nair
Dean's Award Saeed Dehghan Manshadi Mohammad Khodayar EE A Hierarchical Electricity Market Structure for the Smart Grid Paradigm Mohammad Khodayar
Dean's Award Mehdi Nouri Tim LaFave EE Increasing capacity of communication networks with optical vortices Duncan MacFarlane
Dean's Award (Split) Anil Koklu Amin Mansoorifar; Ahmet Can Sabuncu; Ali Beskok ME Dielectrophoretic Capture of Cancer Cells from Blood Ali Beskok
Dean's Award (Split) Guang Yang ME Improving the weld surface quality in laser welding of aluminum alloys Radovan Kovaceivic
Du Xin Award (Split) Aditi Malu Tetiana Hutchison; Katie Smith; Averi White; Katherine Nelson; Neha Rao; Ryan Mckee; Rachel Gardner; Catherine Hazen; Robert Harrod Biological Sciences The HTLV-1 latency-maintenance factor p30II inhibits Tax-induced NF-kappa B activation and prevents oncogene-induced cellular senescence Robert Harrod
Du Xin Award (Split) Amila Nanayakkara Courtney A. Follit; John G. Wise; Pia Vogel Biological Sciences Reversal of multi drug resistance in cancer cells. Pia Vogel
Dean's Award Olena Odnokoz Kyle Nakatsuka; Kaitlin Ostling; Liz Calderon Solis; Jacqueline Nguyen; Shariqah Hossain; Svetlana Radyuk; William Orr Biological Sciences Mitochondrial Peroxiredoxin 5 is Essential for Regulation of Redox, Immunity and Longevity Svetlana Radyuk
Dean's Award (Split) Kaley El-Arab Ashutosh Pudasaini; Brian D. Zoltowski Chemistry Short LOV Proteins in Methylocystis Reveal Insight into LOV Domain Photocycle Mechanisms Brian Zoltowski
Dean's Award (Split) Aditi Nagar Chemistry Efficient synthesis of circadian clock modulator: Delta Carbolines Brian Zoltowski
Dean's Award (Split) Sarah Seger Chemistry Synthesis of viologen-containing branched polymers and thermoresponsive branched polymers Nicolay Tsarevsky
Dean's Award (Split) Yunwen Tao Dieter Cremer Chemistry The 16 Different Types of H-bonding in water Dieter Cremer
Dean's Award (Split) Xie Hu Zhong Lu; Teng Wang; Jinwoo Kim Earth Science Spaceborne radar observations reveal the compaction of tailings impoundment and the coupling between hydrological and seismological processes of aquifer basin over Salt Lake Valley, Utah Zhong Lu
Dean's Award (Split) Mason MacPhail Earth Science Seismic Source Characterization of Small-Scale Contained Explosions Utilizing Near Source Empirical Data Brian Stump
Entrepreneurial Award (Cox BBA) Madeline Wewer Madeline Wewer; Rita Economos Earth Science Applying data processing to reveal geological processes in Joshua Tree National Park Rita Economos
Dean's Award (Split) Mahnprit Jutley Mathematics Stability of electrolyte films on substrates with spatially periodic charge density Vladimir Ajaev
Dean's Award (Split) John LaGrone Thomas Hagstrom Mathematics Applications of Complete Radiation Boundary Conditions Thomas Hagstrom
Dean's Award (Split) Matthew Stein Physics Estimate of Background Neutron Rate from 210Po Decays in Polyethylene for SuperCDMS SNOLAB Jodi Cooley
Dean's Award (Split) Keping Xie Roberto Vega Physics diphoton production in QCD and SCTM Pavel Nadolsky
Dean's Award Bingchen Liu Statistical Science Ranked Set Sampling Estimators of Mean and Variance for Discrete Populations Lynne Stokes
Dean's Award (Split) Michael Aiuvalasit Christopher Kiahtipes; Josh Farella; Jennie Sturm; Christopher I. Roos Anthropology Reconstructing the use-life of an Ancestral Puebloan water reservoir feature, Amoxiumqua (LA481), Jemez Mountains, New Mexico Christopher Roos
Dean's Award (Split) Jenna Battillo Anthropology A Disease for Your Health: the benefits of eating corn smut in the Ancient Southwest Karen Lupo
Dean's Award Punarjit Roychowdhury Economics Peer Effects in Consumption Daniel Millimet
Dean's Award Nicole Vu Caitlin Rancher; Ernest N. Jouriles; Renee McDonald Psychology Children’s Threat Appraisals of Interparental Conflict: The Role of Interparental Conflict, Parental Availability, and Children’s Anxiety Ernest Jouriles
Dean's Award Chelsey Werchan Juliet Kroll; Kylie Barfield; Ashley Schneider; Madeleine Boudreaux; Thomas Ritz Psychology Oral Nitrate Supplementation during Final Exam Stress: Association with Cold Symptoms and Exhaled Nitric Oxide Thomas Ritz
Dean's Award Molly Ellis Education Policy & Leadership Influences on and Effects of Personal and Professional Stress on Faculty Satisfaction Daniel Berebitsky

Name Prize Department Advisor Title of Presentation
Ashvina Patel Dean's Award Anthropology Advisor: Caroline Brettell Health Care Coordination Among Burmese Refugees in Dallas
Dustin Allen Dean's Award Applied Physiology & Wellness Advisor: Scott Davis The Effect of Multiple Sclerosis on Carotid Baroreflex Control of Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
Mu Huang Dean's Award Applied Physiology & Wellness Advisor: Scott Davis Thermoregulatory dysfunction in multiple sclerosis patients during moderate exercise in a thermoneutral environment
Hongzhang Han Dean's Award Chemistry Advisor: Nicolay Tsarevsky Azide containing linear/hyperbranched polymer prepared via exchange reaction at hypervalent iodine center in one-step synthesis
Thomas Sexton Dean's Award Chemistry Advisor: Dieter Cremer Unraveling the Secrets of Chemical Reactions
Zhaoxu Wang Dean's Award Chemistry Advisor: Nicolay Tsarevsky Synthesis of highly branched polymers with peripheral viologens
Jing Li Dean's Award Economics Advisor: Tim Salmon Teamwork or Free Riding: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Communication on Complex Decision Making
Ryan Christianson Dean's Award Geology/Earth Science Advisor: Maria Beatrice Magnani 3D Seismic Oceanocgraphy in the Southern Caribbean Sea
Zheng Wang Dean's Award Mathematics Advisor: Yunkai Zhou Filtered Davidson-type Methods for Large-scale Eigen-related Problems
Eric Godat Dean's Award Physics Advisor: Fredrick Olness ManeParse: PDF Reader and Interface Mathematica Package
Grace Boyers Dean's Award Psychology Advisor: Alicia Meuret The SMU-UCLA Treatment for Affective Disorders (TAD) study – Methodology and Preliminary Results
Nicole Vu Dean's Award Psychology Advisor: Ernest Jouriles Corporal Punishment and Child Adjustment Problems: Does it Matter if One or Both Parents are Using it?
Charles South Dean's Award Statistical Science Advisor: Jing Cao Advanced Statistical Methodology for Daily Fantasy Basketball Prediction
Hope Hagar Dean's Award Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisor: Andrew Quicksall Uranium Stabilization by Hydroxyapatite
Jake Drew Dean's Award Computer Science and Engineering Advisor: Michael Hahsler Practical Applications of Locality Sensitive Hashing
Saeed Dehghan Manshadi Dean's Award Electrical Engineering Advisor: Mohammad Khodayar Microgrids for Enhancing the Power Grid Resilience
Hui Liu Dean's Award Electrical Engineering Advisor: Dinesh Rajan FIT: On-the-Fly, In-Situ Training for Context-Aware Rate Selection
Ted Munger Dean's Award EMIS Advisor: Richard Barr A Tale of Two States: Identifying Drivers of Economic Growth in Texas and California with kVAM, a New Variable Reduction Methodology
Parisa Farahmand Dean's Award Mechanical Engineering Advisor: Radovan Kovacevic Experimental and numerical study on laser cladding of metallic-matrix composites
Paul Polanco Dean's Award Teaching & Learning Advisor: Doris / Stephanie Baker / Al Otaiba ELVA: English Learner Vocabulary Acquisition
James McCormick Dean's Award (split) Biological Sciences Advisor: John Wise Transport of Alzheimer's Associated Amyloid-β Through Membranes Catalyzed by P-Glycoprotein
Olena Odnokoz Dean's Award (split) Biological Sciences Advisor: Svetlana Radyuk The role of mitochondrial peroxiredoxins in the physiology of Drosophila melanogaster
Dallas Gingles Dean's Humanities Award Religious Studies Advisor: Robin Lovin Justifications and Judgments: Michael Walzer's 'Dirty Hands' 40 Years Later
Lauren Miskin Dean's Humanities Award English Advisor: Beth Newman “Women’s Taste and Condition”: Shawls, Empire, and Authentic Femininity
Claudia Zapata Dean's Humanities Award Art History Advisor: Randall Griffin Walter Horne’s “Triple Execution” Postcards: Death on the Border
Miguel Quimbar Departmental Award Chemistry Advisor: Alexander Lippert Smartphone-Based Chemiluminescence Point-of-Care Imaging Device
Yashas Singri Departmental Award Chemistry Advisor: Brian Zoltowski Investigation of photochemical properties of blue light photoreceptor Zeitlupe (ZTL) from Oryza sativa (rice)
Bilal Alqudah Departmental Award Computer Science and Engineering Advisor: Suku Nair EHR Security and Privacy
Micah Thornton Departmental Award Computer Science and Engineering Advisor: Jennifer Dworak Improving the Reliability of Integrated Circuits through Efficient Manufacturing Test through Intelligent Targeting of Cell-Aware Type Faults.
Aditi Malu Du Xiu Departmental Prize Biological Sciences Advisor: Robert Harrod Differential Regulation of p53-Dependent Apoptosis by Cellular Factors and Modulation by the HTLV-1 Transactivator Protein Tax
Mindy McClean Du Xiu Departmental Prize Biological Sciences Advisor: Pia Vogel Assembly and Application of Phospholipid Nanodiscs for the Study of P-Glycoprotein
Nicole Hartman Hyer Undergraduate Award Physics Advisor: Stephen Sekula Uncovering the Solar Footprint: Tracking the Sun with Neutrinos

Department Prize Authors Title of Presentation
Department of Anthropology Dean’s Departmental Award Christopher Kiahtipes Connecting the Ethographic and Ecological Present: Paleoenvironmental Perspectives on Late Iron Age Archeaology in Central Africa
Department of Biological Sciences Dean’s Departmental Award Megan Romeo Cooperation between the human T-cell leukemia virus type-1 p30(II) protein and host cellular factors during oncogenic transformation and retroviral carcinogenesis
Department of Biological Sciences Du Shen Prize Courtney Follit Reversal of multidrug resistance by novel inhibitors of human P-glycoprotein in cell culture
Department of Biological Sciences Du Shen Prize Olena Odnokoz The role of Drosophila mitochondrial peroxiredoxins in aging-associated pathways
Civil and Environmental Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Hossein Hashemi A Simulation Test -Bed for Evaluating Active Traffic Network Management Systems
Department of Chemistry Dean’s Departmental Award (split) Alan Humason, Wenli Zou, Dieter Cremer Title of Presentation: What is the Longest Carbon-Carbon Bond Known in Chemistry - 11,11-Dimethyl-1,6-methano[10]annulene.
Department of Chemistry Dean’s Departmental Award (split) Ashutosh Pudasaini, Brian D. Zoltowski Blue light photoreceptor Zeitlupe senses light fluence to regulate plant circadian clock
Computer Science and Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Jake Drew, Michael Hahsler Strand: variable length k-mer sequence comparison using map reduce and locality sensitive hashing
Computer Science and Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Hadil Shaiba Evaluation of Different Classification Methods for Predicting Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Events
Computer Science and Engineering Kent and Nancy Fuka Undergraduate Award Stark Riedesel Cost-Performance Analysis of Clustered Biometric Systems
Computer Science and Engineering Kent and Nancy Fuka Undergraduate Award John Wadleigh Automatic Identification and Analysis of Websites Selling Counterfeit Goods
Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences Dean’s Departmental Award (split) Kara Jones Refining Fault Structure and Seismic Behavior along the Kuril Islands, Russia, using Teleseismic Double-Difference Relocation
Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences Dean’s Departmental Award (split) Benjamin Phrampus Ocean Warming Induced Gas Hydrates Instability on the US Beaufort Margin
Department of Economics Dean’s Departmental Award Kledis Ali Durable Goods Leasing under Adverse Selection
Electrical Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Yingsi Liang The First All-Digital Atomic Clock for the Enhanced WWVB Broadcast
Electrical Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Tao Zhang A 10Gb/s Laser Diode Driver in 130 nm CMOS
EMIS - Engineering Management, Information, and Systems Dean’s Departmental Award Yuanyuan Dong Maximizing profit for vehicle routing under time and weight constraints
Department of Mathematics Dean’s Departmental Award David Gardner Filters for the Improvement of Multiscale Data from Atomistic Simulations
Mechanical Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Mahdi Jamshidinia A New Concept in the Design and Manufacturing of Customized Dental Implants
Mechanical Engineering Dean’s Departmental Award Maurizio Manzo Dome shaped micro-scale lasers as sensors for mechanical engineering applications
Department of Physics Dean’s Departmental Award Hang Qiu A Plastic Solid Neutron Veto Design for SuperCDMS SNOLAB
Department of Psychology Dean’s Departmental Award Lindy Fields Enhancing Autobiographical Beliefs through Simple Exposure
Department of Psychology Dean’s Departmental Award Kelli Sargent, Gabriella Jairala, Michael Ovalle, Chrystyna D. Kouros, E. Mark Cummings Parentification as a Mediator of the Relation between Parental Depressive Symptoms and Youth Internalizing Problems
Department of Statistical Science Dean’s Departmental Award Bivin Sadler The Information Function is a Fundamental Construct of IRT… But it’s Not Perfect! … Don’t Forget About the Bias!