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What is an Electronic Dissertation?

Similar to paper ... The ETD is similar to its paper predecessor and has figures, tables, footnotes, and references. The title page includes your name, the name of your school, and the names of your committee members. The ED documents your years of academic commitment. The major organization of the chapters relate why the work was done, how the research relates to previous work as recorded in the literature, the research methods used, the results, and the interpretation and discussion of the results, and a summary with conclusions. In other words, everything that was required for the paper version is still required.

Only different ... The ETD provides a technologically advanced medium for expressing and disseminating your ideas. You prepare your ETD using popular word processor or document preparation system(s), linking relevant multimedia objects, without the requirement to submit copies on cotton bond paper. Consequently, ETDs are frequently less expensive to prepare. They are also easier to access and distribute.