SMU Brand Guidelines

Color Palette

The official colors of the logo are red for the icon and blue for the University initials, in the shades reproduced in the example. These also are the official colors of SMU.

The colors are identified by Pantone number, as indicated. However, it is important to be aware that exact shades are unpredictable, especially when they are being reproduced on materials such as plastics and fabrics and when using paints.

Often it is a good idea to work closely with the printer to ensure color accuracy rather than to rely solely on the Pantone number.

SMU red and blue may be used as the chief colors in University communications, or as "accent colors" against neutral backgrounds such as tans and grays. The colors illustrated provide good examples of neutrals that work well when employing the official colors as accents.

A Bit of History

The University’s first president, Robert S. Hyer, selected Harvard Crimson and Yale Blue as the school colors to symbolize SMU’s high standards. The colors are much darker than the red and blue used today, which we call SMU Red and SMU Blue.