Welcome to the University Honors Program, the heart of SMU's intellectual community!

What is the Honors Program?

The University Honors Program open to students of all majors, is at the heart of SMU’s intellectual community. Students are prepared for the future through a program that centers on the values of a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences.

Honors students enjoy intellectual challenges from dedicated University faculty in small classes (of 15 to 20 students whenever possible) that place a premium on in-class conversations and faculty-student interaction. The Honors curriculum encourages students to explore their individual interests through special research projects and interdisciplinary studies—on campus in Dallas, at SMU-in-Taos (New Mexico) and elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

Honors students take the same number of classes that non-Honors students take, but do so in an environment that encourages greater individual learning and achievement.  The Program extends beyond the work in the classroom to the development of a community of scholars—students and faculty—who relish the challenge and adventure of the life of the mind. In so doing, the University Honors Program serves as the intellectual heart of SMU, broadens students’ perspectives, and raises the level of discourse across campus.

SMU’s Honors students are active and visible in all facets of University life. In short, the University Honors Program expands and enriches the undergraduate possibilities and horizons.



Congratulations to the Honors class of 2018!

Fairooz Adams
Benjamin Alley
Bret Arata
Brian Balke
Rachel Barnes
Noah Bartos
Blair Betik
Kayla Billington Etherege 
Trenton Blake
Mary Brown
Sean Buzaid
Madeleine Case
Wynne Casteel
Stephen Chamberlain
Benjamin Chi
Ryan Cross
Constance Deering
Jasleen Dhillon
Trevor Dickey
Ethan Downs-Decker
Jacquelyn Elias
Brooke Faulkner
Shannon Flaherty
Karen Folz
John Fox
Vivian Frederick
Alexis Fuller
Miriam Griffin
Jessie Hall
Claire Halquist
Matthew Hardee
Lauren Harrington
Meagan Harris
Edward Hauptmann 

Abigail Hawthorne
Shelby Hill
Ashley Holzer
Karlyn Hubbell
Jessica Jancose
McKenzie Jenkins
Claire Johnson
Caroline Jones
Rachel Kainer
Isaac Klopotek
Terisha Kolencherry
Brandon Le
Candice Lee
Kathryn Loper
Andy Lu
Emily Madigan
Kylie Madry
Jack Makin
Monica Mallick
Nivethitha Manohar
Joseph Martin
Kenneth Martin
Kierson McGriff
Courtney McKinney
Kathryn Moffitt
Amanda Montgomery
Scott Moore
Daniel Muehring
Chandler Naidu
Ricardo Najera
James Nayden
Andrew Oh
Ololade Okunlola
Paul Ott

Julia Palagyi
Ashmi Patel
Finley Patterson
Alexander Porter
Connor Price
Vijay Ramesh
Angelica Reisch
Mary Reitan
Rachael Rodgers
Charis Rodgers
Ashley Rogers
Tyler Rozanitis
Nicole Rueb
Alexandra Rutherford
Mary Sapp
Robert Schmidt
Margaret Schmidt
Lisa Scott
Kathryn Shumway
Shelby Stanfield
Erik Stryshak
Aaron Tverye
Joanna Steine
Madhulika Varma
Leigh Walden
Angela Wang
Samuel Weber
Hayley Welmon
Grant Wolf
Vicki Wong
Amanda Woodruff
Corbin Wright
Karly Zrake
Tucker Zukowski 

UHP Events

Last Day of Classes         

07 May 2018

Graduation Party for UHP Seniors           

16 May 2018 | 6:00 PM

Director's House

Final Study Break and Book Giveaway           

TBD May 2018 |TBD

Scholars' Den


New UHP Alumni Network

If you are an alum of the SMU UHP and would like to learn more about our new Alumni Network, please email Susan Harris (sharris@smu.edu). To read about recent alumni achievements, click here.