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What is the Honors Program?


The University Honors Programopen to students of all majors, began in 1966 and is at the heart of SMU’s intellectual community. Students are prepared for the future through a program that centers on the values of a broad-based education in the humanities and sciences. 

Honors students enjoy intellectual challenges from dedicated University faculty in small classes (15 to 20 students whenever possible) that place a premium on in-class conversations and faculty-student interaction. The Honors curriculum encourages students to explore their individual interests through special research projects and interdisciplinary studies—on campus in Dallas, at SMU-in-Taos (New Mexico) and elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

Honors students take the same number of classes that non-Honors students take, but do so in an environment that encourages greater individual learning and achievement.  The Program extends beyond the work in the classroom to the development of a community of scholars—students and faculty—who relish the challenge and adventure of the life of the mind. In so doing, the University Honors Program serves as the intellectual heart of SMU, broadens students’ perspectives, and raises the level of discourse across campus.

SMU’s Honors students are active and visible in all facets of University life. In short, the University Honors Program expands and enriches the undergraduate possibilities and horizons.

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Virtual Independent Richter Fellowships


Grants of up to $500 now available to rising second to fourth year Honors students.  Individual or small-group applications are both encouraged!

In an effort to take advantage of the intellectual prowess and energy of our Honors students (and the ample at home down time that many of us are experiencing) we are making these grants available for the very first time.  Chosen fellows will follow a particular course of study with a clear intent, and devise a vehicle or mechanism through which to report outcomes.  Some type of written final essay, such as a literature review on your topic or an opinion piece informed by your reading course of study, will be required at the completion of the fellowship.  Honors is open to creative ways of reporting findings.

The scope of this project is limited only by your imagination, but should be adequately focused so the course of study can be completed before Fall 2020 begins.  This fellowship would be ideal for a student interested in pursuing future research, by providing support, focus, and funding to become deeply involved in a topic that he or she has always wanted to study. 

To apply for a Virtual Independent Richter Fellowship students will need to, (1) complete the online application, available on the UHP website; (2) provide a brief description of the course of study, an informal syllabus, as well as a preliminary bibliography; (3) an unofficial SMU transcript.  Since the Honors Directors will assist in guiding the work, an additional faculty mentor is not required, but certainly encouraged.

The award funds may be used for any expenses related to the ongoing project, but until further notice cannot be used for travel—this virtual fellowship is intended primarily for the armchair researcher.

The Richter Fellowship Program at SMU is funded by the Paul K. and Evalyn E. Cook Richter Memorial Funds and is awarded to members of the University Honors Program to conduct independent work, outside of the typical classroom.

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Dear current students: In order to stay connected during this difficult time, we have created a Slack Channel - please check your SMU email for the invitation link. As always, you can email us directly:

Dr. Doyle: DDoyle@smu.edu,
Dr. Miller: BGMiller@smu.edu

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UHP Events

Virtual Gartner Lecture Q&A: David Wallace-Wells
April 15, 5pm

New UHP Class offered Fall 2020!

UHP 4100: The Scientific Enterprise

Dr. Scott Norris, Mondays at 5pm

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New UHP Alumni Network

If you are an alum of the SMU UHP and would like to learn more about our new Alumni Network, please email Susan Harris (sharris@smu.edu). To read about recent alumni achievements, click here.