Business Core Courses


All Cox BBA degrees require the completion of a minimum of seventeen business courses. Eleven of these courses are core courses required of all Cox majors:

ACCT 2301 & 2302 Introduction to Financial Accounting and Introduction to Managerial Accounting

STAT 2301/2331 Business Statistics or EMIS 4340/5370 Probability and Statistics or ITOM 2305

ITOM 2308
Information Systems For Management

BLI 3302 Business Communications and Leader Development

FINA 3320 Financial Management

ITOM 3306 Operations Management

BL 3335 Business Law

MNO 3370 Management of Organizations

MKTG 3340 Fundamentals of Marketing

STRA 5370 Strategic Management in a Global Economy or CISB 5397 Entrepreneurship - Starting a Business

Current students should check the SMU Catalogs for degree requirements, which are based on the year of entry to SMU.