Minor in Business


Are You Seeking To Strengthen Your Business Skills?

The Cox Minor in Business curriculum is designed to provide non-business students with a solid foundation in business basics to complement their primary areas of academic interest. There are no GPA-based admission criteria for this program or its individual classes. Classes are primarily offered during the summer, May and J-terms in Dallas and also at SMU-in-Taos.

Minor in Business Curriculum

The Minor in Business is an 18-credit-hour program in which students take five required courses and at least one three-hour elective course.

Many students choose to complete the program in two summers. These students take four courses during the first summer. During the second summer, these students will take two classes which should allow them time to participate in a summer internship. Students can also choose to pursue the Minor in Business over the course of several summers.

The following courses make up the Minor in Business:

  • ACCT 2310 Accounting Concepts (or ACCT 2301)
  • BUSE 3310 Markets and Freedom
  • FINA 3310 Financial Concepts
  • MKTG 3310 Marketing Concepts (or ADV 1341)
  • MNO 3310 Management Concepts

Students will choose one additional course from the following:

  • BL 3310 Legal Perspectives and Business Law
  • CISB 2388 Entrepreneurship Concepts
  • FINA 3312 Personal Finance (or BUSE 2301)

Individual classes for Non-Business Majors

A non-business major may also choose any of the individual classes within the Minor in Business program to augment their current course of study, even if they don't commit to the rest of the program. 

Classes for BBA majors or Minors in Business Administration

Students currently pursuing a Cox BBA major or the Minor In Business Administration cannot enroll in the Minor in Business program courses with the exception of Personal Finance, Markets and Freedom, and Business Decisions and Processes. Current Cox students may take these courses for free elective credit.