Two-Year MBA Curriculum

Year 1 – Fall Term – 20 Credit Hours

Module A Courses:

  • ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting I
  • BUSE 6202 Managerial Economics
  • FINA 6201 Managerial Finance
  • MAST 6478 Data Analytics (4 credits, full semester)
  • MNGT 6020 First-Year Foundations**
  • MNGT 6101 Managing Your Career

Module B Courses:

  • ACCT 6202 Financial Accounting II
    or ACCT 6205 Managerial Accounting I
  • ITOM 6202 Management Decision Analysis
  • MAST 6478 Data Analytics (4 credits, full semester)
  • MKTG 6201 Marketing Management
  • MNGT 6103 Business Presentation Techniques
  • Elective of your choice (2 credit hours)

Students select the second accounting course based on their interest and anticipated concentration: either ACCT 6202 Financial Accounting II or ACCT 6205 Managerial Accounting I. Students should consult the Concentrations and Minors section of the Graduate Cox Catalog for specific information on which second accounting course is required for each concentration and minor.

Year 1 – Spring Term – 18 Credit Hours

Module A Courses:

  • ITOM 6203 Operations Management
  • MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior
  • MNGT 6011 Managing Your Career, Part Two
  • Electives: Two Courses

Module B Courses:

  • BUSE 6203 Macroeconomics
    or FINA 6222 Financial Markets and Monetary Policy*
  • MNGT 6210 Global Leadership Program
  • STRA 6201 Strategic Management
  • Electives: Two Courses

*Students who concentrate or minor in Finance must take FINA 6222 instead of BUSE 6203, after taking the prerequisite, FINA 6205

**MNGT 6020: First-Year Foundations is a requirement of the Two-Year M.B.A. program. The successful completion of this degree requirement earns a grade of Pass. Students participate in various required activities to enhance professional development. These sessions will take place most Fridays during the first year of the M.B.A. program.


Year 1 - Summer Term - 1 Credit Hour

  • MNGT 6150 Graduate Corporate Internship Program

Required internship: All students are required to have an internship for the summer term; it can be either paid or unpaid but will have academic benefits in helping students determine the elective courses to take during the second year of the MBA program. If you are an international student, the Student Services Office will work with you to acquire work authorization (CPT) in order to complete this internship requirement.

Optional internship: Students in their second year of the program may apply for additional internship credit. Please visit with the Student Services Office to complete the necessary paperwork for approval and enrollment.

Year 2 – Fall Term – 14 Credit Hours

Modules A and B Courses:

Electives: Seven Courses

Year 2 – Spring Term – 14 Credit Hours

Modules A and B Courses:

Electives: Seven Courses

Two-Year M.B.A. Degree Summary:

29 credit hours of required courses
38 credit hours of elective courses
67 credit hours total for Cox M.B.A. Degree

Students complete 38 credit hours of elective courses, students complete one concentration. Each concentration requires 12 to 16 specific credit hours.