McKenzie Rees

Assistant Professor

PhD, Business Administration, University of Utah

Management and Organizations

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  • Bio

    McKenzie Rees joins the Cox School from the University of Notre Dame, where she was a postdoctoral research associate. Her research focuses on what drives unintentional ethical and unethical behavior, particularly in contexts in which competition is salient. This has resulted in three specific branches of research for her. First, she focuses on the biases that affect an individual’s ethical decision-making. Second, she examines how being in a high status role in a group or organization influences pro-social and deviant behavior. Finally, she examines the unique ways in which women navigate professional and ethical challenges in the workplace. She teaches courses related to general management, but in the last two years she has specifically focused on courses that address the use of negotiations as a conflict management strategy. Prior to receiving her PhD, she worked in the non-profit industry as a major gifts fundraiser.
  • Teaching

    MNO 3370 Management