MBA Direct

  • What is Experiential Learning?

    Whether it is a simulation, a consultative experience, or a real-life business case, in experiential learning scenarios, you will be thrust into an environment where the challenges facing the business are ambiguous and unstructured, and the outcomes are based upon real circumstances.

    You will work across disciplines and tools to understand the nature of the challenge, and how to respond to either protect the company, exploit the opportunity, enhance the strategy, learn from a mistake and iterate, or recover from failure.

    Most scenarios will be approached in teams, which will help you gain additional insight and enhanced soft skills that will be critical to your personal future success.

  • Hands-On Opportunities

    These innovative experiences outside the classroom add another dimension to your academic learning. Among the hands-on opportunities you'll find at SMU Cox:

    • Hear from business leaders who are applying what you've learned in the real world.
    • Test your new skills and knowledge during applied leadership projects in Dallas and beyond.
    • Tour corporate HQ and meet with executives in their offices to discuss their challenges and solutions.
    • Work with the latest industry-specific technologies and software, including a simulated trading room complete with Bloomberg terminals.

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  • Global Immersions

    As part of your MBA Direct program, you will participate in your in-person immersion in your 7th semester. These immersions include four to seven days of engagement with corporate executives, faculty, and student peers. You will explore and apply leadership skills and analytical knowledge and lead real-world consulting projects managed in the local market.

Gain Global Perspective

MBA Direct students will gain experience and global business perspective through the immersion program.