MBA Direct

  • Foundational Pillars

    At Cox, we know what it takes to become a well-rounded business leader. From managing cross-functional teams to thinking innovatively, you will hone your business leadership skills for the changing world of work.
    Data analytics now has a bigger impact on business than ever before. As an MBA Direct candidate you will learn data analytics skills and how to clearly communicate findings to colleagues and management, no matter the industry.
    Experiential Learning
    You will gain hands-on experience by examining the challenges of real companies and applying your own solutions. Our model of experiential learning provides the framework to keep building on the knowledge and skills you acquire over the course of the program.

  • Course Schedule - Year 1

    The Cox MBA Direct program spans eight consecutive terms, includes a strong core business curriculum foundation, and offers the opportunity to pursue concentrations through elective selections. Courses will be completed online, with classes offered during the evenings.

    Term 1

    Term 2

    Term 3

    8 credits

    6 credits

    7 credits

    Managing & Leading People (4 cr)

     Data Analysis I (4 cr)

    Financial Accounting (3 cr)

    Micro/Macro Economics (3 cr)

    Fundamentals of Finance (3 cr)

    Strategic Cost Analysis (2 cr)

    Legal Environment of Business (2 cr)

  • Year 2

    Term 4

    Term 5

    Term 6

    8 credits

    7 credits

    5 credits

    Fundamentals of Marketing (4 cr)

    Data Analytics II (2 cr)

    Global Supply Chain (2 cr)

    Applied Corporate Finance (3 cr)

    Strategic Management (2 cr)

    Business Communication (2 cr)

    Managing Your Career (1 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

  • Year 3

    Term 7

    Term 8

    6 credits

    6 credits

    Global Immersion (2 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

    Elective (2 cr)

    53 credit hours, including one immersion (2 credit hours)
    Each term is 14 weeks long
    Most courses meets live 1x per week for 90 minutes each
    All 2-credit hour courses meet 7 times

  • Concentrations

    SMU Cox is one of only a few schools that give part-time students the opportunity to declare concentrations. You can choose to follow a general business concentration for the greatest flexibility in course scheduling, or gain deeper expertise in a particular area by focusing your courses to pursue a concentration. Areas of concentration may include:

    Finance: Further specializations in Corporate Finance, Energy Finance, and Investments
    ITOM: Business Analytics
    ITOM: Supply Chain
    Real Estate
    Strategy & Entrepreneurship
    General Business

  • Experiential Learning

    Through experiential learning, you will have the opportunity to confront and tackle real-world business challenges and apply what you’ve learned throughout your coursework. This link from theory to application gives you the ability to transition seamlessly from classroom to boardroom with the tools you’ll need to lead in today’s tumultuous business climate. Click here to learn more.