Management and Organizations (MNO)


The mission of the Department of Management and Organizations (MNO) is to develop and inspire students to be world changers by making a difference in organizations that make a difference in the world. By drawing upon theories and evidence-based practices from the fields of organizational behavior and applied psychology, the management major helps students succeed in an increasingly complex and turbulent global business environment. Students in the major learn to achieve organizational objectives by applying their skills, and those of others, more effectively.

The MNO major prepares students for a variety of careers such as consulting, human resources, general management, global management, social enterprise and nonprofit management, and family business management. In recent years, individuals with management majors have been employed by companies such as Deloitte, Sendero, Accenture, Bain, Epsilon, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, Fidelity, and Santander. Others have pursued an entrepreneurship focus or graduate work in fields such as business and law. MNO is a frequent double major paired with areas outside of the Cox School of Business such as economics, engineering, psychology, political science, foreign languages, and many others. For Cox students majoring in areas such as finance, insurance, and marketing, MNO elective courses can enhance important business skills for negotiating, project management, and team leadership.

The management major seeks to achieve the following learning outcomes.

  • Increase your understanding of how organizations function and why people behave as they do in work settings
  • Improve your ability to analyze and understand organizational situations by drawing upon organizational behavior theories and concepts
  • Develop skills for reacting appropriately and effectively in organizational settings
  • Improve your ability to create and maintain healthy and productive work environments.

The faculty in the MNO Department are recognized experts in the field and are involved actively in research addressing a number of critical areas such as leadership, ethics, organizational climate, negotiation, teams, human capital, and organizational development and change, to name a few. In addition, MNO faculty help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential through executive education and consulting activities. Specific campus initiatives where MNO faculty are actively involved include:

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