Corporate Executive Development Program

Unique executive development experience for mid-level Latino managers and directors that highlights the advantages Latino executives bring to corporate America.

Delivered in three phases over nine months, the Corporate Executive Development Program (CEDP) will offer training and networking opportunities to high-potential Hispanic managers and directors preparing for executive levels of responsibilities.

The Business Case

Although the U.S. Hispanic market—47 million strong—represents the nation’s largest ethnic minority, gaps in representation continue to exist within U.S. companies. Hispanic managers and directors are significantly underrepresented in executive and senior executive positions. Research shows that although Hispanic managers and directors reach mid-level management positions faster than their peers, they are slower to climb to higher levels within their companies.

SMU Cox: national reputation and strategic location

SMU Cox, top 10 in ranked MBA's for executives and working professionals, is in the heart of Dallas, Texas, a high growth region for corporate headquarters and center of commerce, with more corporations based in Texas than in any other state in the nation. Dallas is at the forefront of the demographic changes expanding the Latino marketplace and workforce.

“SMU’s Cox School of Business has assembled some of the nation’s top faculty and business leaders to create a program that will expand the pipeline of Hispanic leaders and their firms’ access to a growing market,” said R. Gerald Turner, president of Southern Methodist University. “Cox Executive Education specializes in turning high-potential employees into high-performing executives. The collaboration with NHCC will focus Cox’s strengths on preparing Hispanic employees to assume the highest levels of corporate responsibility in the very best companies. SMU is honored to be entering into this partnership.”

“Hosting the Corporate Executive Development Program at Cox is a natural fit for us because of our ongoing commitment and proven record of developing successful business leaders,” said Albert W. Niemi, Jr., former dean of SMU Cox. “We are proud of our role in helping Hispanic managers who are on the cusp of advancing their careers.”

The Program

Over the course of nine months, participants will attend three program sessions with each session spanning three days. Sessions will take place two to three months apart. Participants are assigned executive mentors with significant leadership experience within Fortune 1000 companies who will assist them in preparing and implementing personal leadership development plans. In addition, participants will be grouped into teams to develop innovative projects during the program. Teams work with Latino Executive Advisers who share insights from significant corporate experience.

The Corporate Executive Development Program requires significant commitments from participants. It is important that their enrollment is supported by their organization. To acknowledge this, participants should plan to provide names and contact information of their senior HR and line executives.

The Corporate Executive Development Program is the flagship offering of the Cox Latino Leadership Initiative, a national center of excellence whose mission is to discover, develop, and encourage high potential Latino executives who will drive business growth and create a sustainable competitive advantage for their companies. In addition to management development programs, the Initiative also provides events for senior leaders in talent development, diversity, and marketing. The Initiative currently conducts research on retaining Latino talent. It organizes student leadership summits that provide undergraduate Latino talent with cultural insights and workforce knowledge to help them choose majors, internships, and mentors—crucial to them staying in school and obtaining top jobs upon graduation. Click here to learn more about the Latino Leadership Initiative and the benefits of corporate membership.

  • Dates

    4/4/2022 8:00:00 AM - 10/14/2022 6:00:00 PM

  • Format

    Phase 1: April 4 - 14, 2022;
    Phase 2: Aug 22 – Sept 1 2022;
    Phase 3: October 3 – 14, 2022
  • Location

    James M. Collins Executive Education Center - Map it >


  • Price

    Please contact us at 214.768.3335 or for pricing information.

    Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate.

  • Who Should Attend?


    Participants in the Corporate Executive Development Program are mid-level Hispanic managers and directors with track records of success and potential to ascend to executive positions. They are supported by high level executives in their business unit or function and by executives responsible for developing talent in their organizations—visionaries investing to meet the emerging needs of their global markets.


    • Accelerate Hispanic middle managers’ progress into executive positions
    • Prepare them for sustained success at high levels


    • Practical, interactive, hands-on learning experiences
    • Awareness of cultural barriers and opportunities for advancement
    • Individual development plans based on proven competencies of successful leadership
    • Support for application of program experience: executive class advisers, individual executive mentors, participant sponsors, peer groups of participants and past participants
    • Successful Hispanic corporate leader role models as guest speakers
  • Schedule


    The program is delivered in three phases over the course of nine months. Each phase consists of three days of instruction combined with intervening project work and individual development activities. Due to the number of enrollments, there will be three cohorts. All three cohorts will be together during Phase 3.

    Cohort A: April 4 – 6, Cohort B: April 5 – 7, Cohort C: April 11 – 13, Cohort D: April 12 – 14.

    Phase 1: Leading with Authenticity – This session is devoted to developing ‘self ’ and understanding the power of culture in executive development. Participants will gain insights to intentionally use culture— individual, corporate and national—in service of optimum individual and business performance.

    Cohort A: Aug 22 – 24, Cohort B: Aug 23 – 25, Cohort C: Aug 29 – 31, Cohort D: Aug 30 – Sep 1.

    Phase 2: Leading High Performance Teams – In the second session participants learn to leverage cultural diversity in others to maximize the performance of work units and teams and to work effectively across borders. This session features Latino executives currently working globally. Participants learn to use coaching and mentoring tools to develop talent and gain institutional knowledge.

    Cohort A: Oct 3 – 6, Cohort B: Oct 4 – 7, Cohort C: Oct 10 – 13, Cohort D: Oct 11 – 14.

    Phase 3: Becoming a Corporate Leader – Participants learn to apply heightened cultural awareness and develop social capital needed to lead strategic thinking, innovation, and change at enterprise levels. They gain an understanding of roles and behaviors associated with the highest levels of corporate leadership, including the relevance of active community engagement.

    Assessment – After acceptance into the program, each participant undergoes an assessment of individual competencies based on those identified with successful executive leadership. The results of this personal assessment form the basis of a mentoring relationship that continues throughout the program. Mentors are chosen for their significant experience within a Fortune 1000 company.

    Project – Throughout the program, participants work in small teams where they use their growing cultural awareness, knowledge of interpersonal behavior, enterprise thinking capability, and appreciation of community engagement to create and develop a business project in social entrepreneurship. Team project business plans are presented to instructors, advisers, mentors, sponsors, and advisory board members at the conclusion of the program.

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