• Tuition and Financing

  • Estimated Student Budget for Academic Year 2020-21

    A summary of anticipated tuition and living expenses for the 2020-21 academic year is outlined below. Most Cox MBA students live off-campus in houses or apartments near the university. Although Dallas is primarily a city of car drivers, you can walk or bike to a large number of commercial and retail areas around SMU. In addition, public transportation on the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system around the city is free for all SMU students.

    Category Estimated Cost
    Tuition $ 47,445
    University & Program Fees $ 8,582
    Living Expenses $ 17,700
    Books & Supplies $ 2,500
    Health Insurance $ 3,000
    Transportation $ 1,500
    Misc Expenses $ 1,500
    ESTIMATED TOTAL $ 82,227

    This is a nine-month budget based on SMU estimates (Health Insurance is estimated for twelve months). Individual budgets may vary significantly. The estimate above does not include cost for summer expenses. While many summer internships are paid, please budget for summer expenses, estimated to be approximately $5,000. Tuition is subject to change on an annual basis.

    Please note that to receive approval for a student visa, international students will need to certify the ability to pay for the above nine-month costs. If dependents are accompanying an international student, the student would also need to certify additional funds for health insurance and living expenses for the family members.

    SMU offers several monthly payment plans. Please refer to the Bursar’s payment plan site for more information.

  • Tuition Payment: Deadlines and Refunds

    Information about payments for tuition (outside of funding which the school received through any loans you have received) will be sent to your SMU e-mail address prior to the start of your first semester. Each following semester, you will receive an announcement about tuition payments from the MBA Registrar.

    If your account shows a balance after scholarship and loan funds are applied to your account, you will receive a refund of these funds. You can complete a form to have these funds directly deposited into your checking or savings account; otherwise a check will be mailed to you from the SMU Cashier’s office. These funds will be refunded to you as quickly and efficiently as possible. A complete overview of this topic can be found at the Bursar's Refunds site.