Graduate Finance Certificate Program

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    Graduate Finance Certificate Program 
    Attention: Jeanne Milazzo
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  • Who Should Participate

    • Professionals seeking to increase their financial competency to advance their careers
    • Managers and analysts in finance, sales or marketing
    • Mid- and senior-level executives who need to acquire skills in finance and accounting to advance into executive management
    • Entrepreneurs who need to increase their financial acumen to successfully lead a business venture
    • Early-stage professionals who wish to move into a financial role
    • Individuals who are considering an MBA or master’s in finance or management

  • Participant Benefits

    Know where the bones are hidden

    The program enables managers and analysts to understand how information can be accessed from corporate databases and data warehouses, and used to build analytical models for a broad variety of decision problems.

    Fill your toolbox

    When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But the modeling techniques covered in GBACP range from traditional statistical models and optimization models to new techniques such as data visualization, data mining and learning.

    See it in class, explore it at home, apply it at work

    Software tools used in the program are popular enterprise and open-source packages that are widely accessible, so participants can immediately apply their new skills at work.

    Build your Network

    Given the broad appeal of the program, participants also benefit from peer interactions with other participants. Each cohort typically includes participants from diverse industries, in roles ranging from marketing, financial management, operations and technology management to general management and entrepreneurship.