Global Strategy Certificate Program

The global economy permeates our lives as never before. Every day we face a more integrated world with new benefits and opportunities. But there are also unprecedented challenges. Here are some critical questions being asked around the world by key decision makers:

  • What are the critical trends driving investment, buyer behavior and government action in emerging markets?
  • How do changes in technology, transportation, politics, demographics, labor costs and management skills shift the big playing field?
  • How do multinationals compete successfully against each other and with local firms?
  • How do economics and national institutions combine to increase (or decrease) wealth in markets that have recently entered the global system?
  • How do international law, finance and marketing interact to improve cross-border trade?

The SMU Cox Global Strategy Certificate Program (GSCP) has been designed to address these questions in an affordable, time-sensitive way. Over nine weeks, we offer two modules, one on emerging markets and the other on multinational strategy. The historical, cultural and economic facts and trends in each country and region will be discussed in depth. In addition to area studies, the coursework explores issues common to all global businesses, such as international finance and global marketing. In discussing emerging markets, we will also address trends in major global sectors such as energy, technology and telecommunications, manufacturing, services and agriculture.

Taught by top-ranked Cox School faculty, the GSCP provides useful content in an accessible format. You may also benefit from connecting with the other attendees whose interests may complement your own. We look forward to hearing about your interest in the program and hope to see you in the classroom.

Program Details

Classes start March 16, 2017, and are held Thursday evenings on the SMU main campus from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.