Advanced Marketing Certificate Program

The SMU Cox AMCP brings together people from different business backgrounds to learn about current marketing topics and master applied techniques. The AMCP offers you the chance to develop your marketing knowledge, enhance your career opportunities, and network with other marketing professionals.

And of course, our students say it best:


Student Testimonials


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“The SMU Cox AMCP is an incredible value and an excellent graduate level marketing education taught by SMU Cox professors and marketing professionals who, in just 21 weeks, deliver critical information about effective, efficient, measurable and successful marketing practices and rules, such as the fact that brand equity reigns when it comes to successful marketing and business success.   I recommend the program to marketing professionals who want to truly take their marketing expertise to a higher level and to business professionals who directly work with marketing professionals.”

-Lee McNamara, Independent Senior Account Executive, Finishing and Mailing Center, LLC

"The SMU Cox AMCP is well worth the investment. It’s a great opportunity to expand your marketing knowledge base from a top-tier business school—not to mention the affiliation and networking opportunities available to the Cox community."

- Michael Woodard, Sales Leader, PepsiCo 


"The SMU Cox AMCP has positively impacted my everyday work, as I've been able to see the relevance of concepts taught in class and apply them to my projects, including building customer loyalty and using social media effectively. I also think the AMCP is a great way to 'test drive' the highly regarded Cox MBA, as many of the same professors teach abbreviated MBA-level coursework in the program."

- Jose Cavazos, Consumer Marketing, Mary Kay, Inc. 


"I have been recommending AMCP to my friends and colleagues because I believe the caliber of the program and value for dollar is unmatched. Recently, I joined a new team that is starting a new line of business at my company. Everything I learned in AMCP will benefit me as the person responsible for every aspect of marketing the new line. I keep my textbook and my class notes on my desk and regularly refer to them."

- Melissa Liedkie, Marketing Manager, TXU Energy 


"I acquired new marketing skills through the AMCP - far beyond what my job at the time required. As a result, I developed opportunities that contributed to the company's growth and profitability and received a promotion! I credit the AMCP for helping me advance my career."

- Ashleigh Pollock, Marketing Manager, Quest Medical, Inc.

"Keeping up with current trends, understanding new avenues, and participating in cutting edge techniques for marketing are all essential to success in today's marketplace. I learned a great deal from the AMCP speakers. They were knowledgeable and able to offer practical solutions that I could apply immediately to my own sales and marketing tactics, especially Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. I have utilized much of the training to train my own team."

- Cheryl Zapata, Chief Development Officer, Texas Back Institute

"I attended the program with the hopes of better preparing myself for a position in marketing and it worked! I was just promoted to product manager with my company.  Everything I learned at AMCP will come in handy and I plan on referencing my materials frequently.

- Lisa Armstrong, Product Manager, Galderma Laboratories

Ryan McMullen"I believe the AMCP's 21-week program is both detailed and manageable for a busy marketing professional. Learning from the Cox MBA marketing professors is the greatest asset to the program. Top notch."

- Ryan McMullen, Customer Marketing, PepsiCo





Lisa Bauman

"I needed a program that would give me a quick, but in-depth understanding of current marketing best practices. I didn't need tests or homework assignments: I needed information. The AMCP exceeded my expectations!"

- Lisa Bauman, Marketing Communications Writer, JennerSolve 



Nafeesa McCoy Belcher"The AMCP has been instrumental in building a knowledge base and network allowing me to switch careers and move into marketing. You get the knowledge needed to compete in this competitive environment and you develop invaluable contacts and friendships. I was impressed with the real-world marketing talent that shared their experiences and knowledge with the class. Running our own company in the marketing simulation was invaluable. It pulled all the marketing concepts together into a hands-on experience."

- Nafeesa McCoy Belcher, Marketing Systems Support, Director, JC Penney 



Juliet Siddons"The AMCP has allowed me to make a change within my company to work directly with the marketing department and feel more comfortable in my interactions with them. It helped to reinforce the concepts I learned from my MBA years ago as well as introduce me to the latest marketing trends."

- Juliet Siddons, Systems Analyst, Southwest Airlines


Ellie Rie Shollenberger"I wanted to align my work experience with an academic/professional education. I was in sales and marketing with a non-business degree. I especially enjoyed the PharmaSim simulation in the 3rd trimester."

- Ellie Rie Shollenberger, Marketing Consultant




Anton Dimitrov"In my case the AMCP provided me with great networking opportunities. The AMCP is taught not only by world-class faculty members, but also by successful working professionals from some of the leading companies in Dallas. This makes the program an excellent venue for expanding one's professional network and creating new opportunities."

- Anton Dimitrov, Sewell Automotive 



Lauren Robinson

"Each class focused on a topic that was interesting and relevant to today's market conditions. The program improved my marketing skills and was a great networking opportunity with other professionals in the DFW area."

- Lauren Robinson, Advertising and Promotions Manager, Sony Promotions





 Charlotte Hudson"As a media professional, the program provided valuable insight into marketing disciplines beyond my own expertise in advertising. What I learned allows me to interact at a higher level with clients and CMOs and speak 'their' language, being cognizant to how one element - advertising/promotions - fits into the larger scheme of their multifaceted marketing and operations programs."

- Charlotte Hudson, Media Supervisor, Strategist, Slingshot LLC 



Gandhar Dighe"Having no background in marketing, this course helped enormously in understanding the core concepts of marketing and how these can be applied in the workplace. I consider this course as a very thorough and practical approach."

- Gandhar Dighe, Application Engineer, Texas Instruments