Advanced Marketing Certificate Program

New Features

– the integration of how the online, digital environment influences all aspects of marketing including segmentation, positioning, branding, pricing, advertising, consumer behavior, strategic marketing, omni-channel, and customer engagement.

Each class is videotaped for those who are absent or if you want to review concepts covered.
  • 10 Week Program

    The AMCP format is packed with 10 cutting-edge topics that cover the entire gamut of marketing so you can write a complete marketing plan leveraging the latest marketing tools.

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  • Digital marketing

    Students will gain marketing knowledge and now leverage digital marketing techniques, which will help them and their company compete more effectively in the current marketplace.

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  • Live Case Study

    Students will apply what they learn to a live digital product marketing case leverage what they learned by applying these lessons to a live Case study. Each week they will render opinions on how the company should proceed along the lines of the lecture topic discussed in that week.

  • Guest Speaker Panel

    Towards the end of the program, outside guest speakers, including industry leaders, will come in for a panel discussion. Students are free to ask real world questions of these experts on how they apply marketing to their companies and gain marketing knowledge and wisdom.

  • Classroom Sessions

    Lectures by the best professors and renowned corporate experts are now more inclusive and interactive.

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  • Mentoring Program

    Each student will be assigned to a Faculty member who will act as their mentor for the entire course. Mentors will also be available to coach the students on their final paper.

  • Student Groups

    Each student will be assigned to a small group for the whole course term. Their primary job will be to brainstorm and present recommendations in the case study every week.

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  • Final Paper

    At the end of the program, each student will reflect on the discoveries made during the case study. They will update their own final recommendations just like in the real world.