Advanced Marketing Certificate Program

AMCP Schedule

Due to the still continuing COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no AMCP-related activities in 2021. We hope to return to educating the DFW marketing community during 2022. 

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  • Topics, Times & Teachers

  • Consumer Behavior

     Consumer Behavior | in the information-rich environment Dr. Dan Howard
  • Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement | through CX, journey mapping and rewards program Dr. Marci Armstrong
  • Branding

    Branding | everything from lo-tech to hi-tech; soft goods to services Dr. Raj Sethuraman
  • Segmentation

    Segmentation | with step-by-step positioning techniques Mr. Clyde Rupert
  • Omni-Channel marketing

    Omni-channel Marketing | creating value at multiple touch points Ms. Rita Egeland
  • Managing your marketing career

    Bonus class - Managing your Marketing Career Mr. Dennis Grindle
  • Advertising

    Advertising | how it works (and doesn't) in our new digital world Mr. David Hall
  • Pricing

    Pricing | global, competitive, dynamic Mr. Gary Orosy
  • Strategic Marketing

    Strategic Marketing | in a fast-changing environment Dr. Tassu Shervani
  • Web based selling

    Web-based Selling and Digital Marketing | building an integrated digital marketing ecosystem Mr. John Keehler
  • Social Marketing

    Social Marketing | using social platforms to meet business objectives Mr. John Keehler
  • Graduation

    Graduation - Congratulations!